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Jan 27, 2011 08:03 AM

question about cooking a soup with greens. . .

If I make a soup with dark greens (kale perhaps, or maybe collared greens) will it hold up for a few days in the fridge or will it turn into a disgusting army green colored mess after a day?

I want to do some kind of ham + beans + greens thing but i want it for lunches throughout the week.

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  1. It has always worked fine for me in minestrone that I keep for days and even freeze, you just might not want to cut it too fine.

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      I always make soup on Sunday, and half is for dinner Wednesday, and the other half goes in the freezer. I often use dark greens, and it's very good. Not disgusting at all. :)

      If you're worried, I'd just suggest not to chop the greens too fine, that's all. But no, I've never known kale, at least, to leech its color into the soup.

    2. If you add a bit of acid to your soup recipe (e.g. lemon juice) you'll find that the greens will hold up a bit longer. But remember to add your greens late in the cooking process. They only need to cook a short time, lest they become overcooked and gummy.

      1. I've had a kale soup in my fridge for the past few days and there has been no change in color.

        1. I make a kale, tomato, and white bean soup and it stays fine in the fridge. I cut the kale into ribbons, not too thin, and it hold up well.

          1. I've made Caldo Verde--kale, potatoes, chourico, white beans, chicken broth, some lemon juice--and I haven't had a problem with color or sludginess. I don't overdo the kale though and just cut off the stalk and slice it thinly. It keeps well for lunches during the week.

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