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Jan 27, 2011 07:45 AM

Maki, Peabody

Yup, there is a new sushi bar with the amazingly original name of Maki on Main Street in Peabody Square. The menu online actually looks a little fusion-y, and aiming for upscale. Anyone been yet? It would make a great local option with Galleymom....

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  1. Haven't tried it yet, but I'm curious to see how it is. My "go to" sushi place around that area is Sake on Route 1 in Saugus (it's right across the street from The Hilltop). Try the butterfly sushi if you like your fish with a "softer" taste - it's a white fish with a little kick from the wasabi, & a sprinkle of citrus (lime?).

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      has that sushi place in downtown peabody opened...last i drove by i could see that's what it was going to be but didnt know when it was official "rolling" :p hey Southie_chick...another excellent sushi place along RT1 N. in saugus area is osakan sushi its in the same plaza as IHop and Jimmy's steer-house

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        Maki is the sushi place in downtown Peabody that finally opened...There are certs on

    2. Haven't seen any more talk about this place on CH, so here's some: Went to Maki this week for lunch. There is a "signature" section with fusiony options on the menu, which we didn't investigate. Also there are lots of Americanized rolls with multiple ingredients (jalapenos, cream cheese, imitation crab...), and if that's your cup of tea getting a few of those might be a serviceable meal in a pinch. However, the nigiri and sashimi were both sub-par, cut not only far thinner than I've ever seen but also irregularly, for a very amateurish look. I'm talking a strip of whitefish with a lump on one end and then the middle so thin it pulls apart when you pick it up. Impossible to appreciate mouthfeel and texture of the different fish when it was cut so poorly. The service was friendly and quick, but this will not be a sushi choice we make again.