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Jan 27, 2011 07:36 AM

red bean paste from the Galleria Korean on York Mills/Toronto

Having found this wonderful food store from postings here... I went and purchased numerous things including a spicy red bean paste. Possibly store made but having called the store I was no more enlightened as to the name and perhaps the preparation of it. Can anybody else help me with a name and ingredients?? Tks in advance

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  1. Can you take a photo of it? I don't know about a spicy red-bean paste, but there's probably a billion spicy red pastes they sell. Ssaamjang and the like, I'd imagine. 'course, I am neither Korean or able to read it, so I'd be taking a stab in the dark... however, seeing it/the package would help immensely.

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      Sounds like a gochu jang, which could be described as a spicy, red, bean paste, rather than a spicy, red bean paste. They sell several different types, some spicier than others. I once asked a Korean employee to point out which one she'd choose, and I was happier with that one than others I've bought over the years. It is spicy and doesn't have that pasty flour quality that some others have. There isn't a whole lot of English on the packaging, but on the front side it says: Sunchang Gochujang (Hot Pepper Paste) and there's a website on the back side:

      I hope I'm on the right track with what you're trying to find. Good luck!

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          Great book :) I have that on my shelf.

        2. re: 1sweetpea

          Tks, I think I am getting closer. No website on the back and definetly no pasty flour quality. If anything a small delightful peanutty quality. I live in a small town so getting back for a photo is not an immediate solution but tks...

          1. re: jonna

            Peanutty?!? Hmm ... maybe there's roasted sesame seed in it that would give it a nutty flavour. This sounds yummy, especially if there actually are peanuts involved. If you find it, please report back. Now, I'm not so sure it's gochu jang that you're after, though your description as spicy and red still has me perplexed. I assume that you're not seeking the sweet red bean paste that is used in Asian desserts, as there is no spicy element to that paste.

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              Curiously I do not care for sweet red bean paste that you find in dim sum buns etc. I am now on a quest and it is really now worth the effort. I will report back. Cheers!

              1. re: jonna

                After a little more research from the links on this site I believe it is a paste made from the Adzuki bean which has a nutty flavour w/ perhaps some type of hot sauce like Sambel Olek incorporated. Maybe a touch of seame oil ???

                1. re: jonna

                  Then it is likely Ssamjang ( or it could be Doenjang, which isn't really spicy.. just a fermented soybean paste ( OR Gochujang(