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Jan 27, 2011 07:12 AM

Brix (Richmond Hill)

I only found a handful of reviews for Brix. Has anyone dined there? What were the hits and misses?


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  1. I've only eaten there once a billion years ago. You do not go to Brix for the food! Watch out for the cougars.

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      LOL, I'm a woman (and married), so I'll be fine, but have great respect for older women who put themselves out there!

      1. re: jlunar

        More like watch out for the married men pretending not to be married at Brix.

      2. It is very popular for business lunches and everything is fine to good. I go often for lunch and have never had a miss. I think their salmon is very good and their penne in a cream sauce is also very good. Service is usually slow, really dependant on how busy they are. Kitchen is, in my opinion, stronger than the front of the house.

        It turns into a very different place at night. More of a club with live music and quite a scene as jlunar alluded to.

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          Thanks, prices are a bit steep imo, but we'd be going for lunch or an early dinner. Appreciate the feedback.

        2. I go there for a cigar every week in the summer time, but only dined there twice. First time I ordered fries w/ three-cheese and a lamb rack and they were exceptionally good. However I didn't had much luck w/ the burger in my second visit, as it was very dry and overcooked. I'd say the service is top-notch, the waitresses can remember my name the second time and brought me a cigar astray without asking.

          1. My guest and I had 12 oz Strip loin and Salmon. Sweet potato fried as an appetizer and the Peanut butter parfait as dessert.
            We were there around 5:30pm and the restaurant was not very busy. The service was slow and was not as attentive as I would have liked . The manager looked very rough and unfriendly.
            Yes, definitely the price was a little pricy...$34.95 for a 12 oz steak at a sports bar/restaurant was a bit over priced. There was very small side dish of steamed veggies. The salmon for $17.95 would be a few bucks more than usual places but the taste was worth it.
            Sweet potato fries came with a Mediterranean style sauce. That was great.
            Over all I'd say I would go back.