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Jan 27, 2011 06:03 AM

Kosher Board restrictions

[NOTE: We've moved this post from the kosher board at -- The Chowhound Team]

Dear Chowhound Team,

We love this forum where we are able to discuss different things that are delicious and kosher. So thank you. However, the whole point of keeping kosher, is making sure that things are kosher! While, you may find that while we discuss seemingly off topic things such as certification, please note that these discussion points are very important for us to talk about...otherwise there would be no chow at all. Please understand, and maybe be a little more lenient???


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  1. Sorry, I disagree. I think they've been fairly lenient and found a good balance. Discussing if something has a certification is fine and has been allowed. If someone had said brand X includes grape juice and therefore needs certification, that probably would have been allowed too. The moderators only removed posts when it started getting into details about 1/6 vs 1/60 and differences between water, wine, and alcohol. Those halakha questions are better off being discussed on a Jewish message board, or asking your local rabbi.

    1. Our guidelines at the top of the Kosher board explain what type of topics we allow on that board. You can read it at

      We understand this may feel restrictive, but we've found that opening the doors to discussions of whether certain certifications are reliable or acceptable to certain people is an endless debate, one that is never resolved, and only leads to angry posts and hurt feelings.

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        It would help if we were able to email other members directly with off-topic follow-ups, instead of having to post them on the board.

      2. Thanks, Chowhound team! I love this board, and have learned about great new kosher products and restaurants because of it. While I take my commitment to Kashrut seriously, philosophical or religious debates are not helpful, and often deteriorate into judgmental comments and mudslinging. No one is really making decisions about their kosher standards based on someone else's anonymous posts, so in addition to all the other reasons for barring them, they are pretty useless as well. I appreciate your moderation - it keeps the dialogue focused on food and the tone respectful. Keep up the great work and thanks for providing us with this forum!