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Jan 27, 2011 06:15 AM

New in Arlington

Just found this new BYOB gem in Arlington. Mixure of Itailian and Mediterranean.

I had a cool escargo in mushroom caps in a great tomato sause.
then a greek salad (lots of Fetta)
Lamb Chops cooked medium rare
my wife had Tilapia cooked prefectly and more than see could eat.
Riva Mediterranean Grill
2819 W Park Row
Arlington,Texas 76013

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  1. They are right near us -- I stopped in to pick up a menu while shopping last week. The space looks tidy, neat, uncluttered. Menu is concise but covers the basics, and that's best for a startup.

    Thanks for the rec. Will try them. My heart goes out to small restauranteurs.

    1. I ate lunch there and the salad was huge and flavorful, and some great Baba Ganoush!
      I would ask for more pita bread, though.
      Super nice people.

      1. Off first post topic, but I think Crossroads BBQ is relatively new to Arlington??? Supposedly with a bbq Dallas heritage to the Deen family?? Anyway, I think I'm going to try it tonight.

        Some good restaurants would be a welcome change for Arlington which has become rather depleted. Maybe Jerry World will be good for something besides his losing Cowboys.

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        1. re: CocoaNut

          Well, don't know what the dust-up's about on this place. Went last night (Fri) at 6:15. At that hour, they should be well prepared for a dinner crowd. Was prepared to order 4 meats among us. But taking a look at the self-serve sides and condiments - they all had a "sitting out untouched for hours film" over their surface, though the bowls were sitting in ice. There was only a serving spoon of slaw remaining and it had a very unhealthy appearance. I asked if it could be refreshed and was told the "girl" who makes it worked the morning shift and no one else knew how - not the best answer at your 3 week period. There was some type of construction trailer in the parking space at the entrance. Not a good overall welcoming intro. Yes, we were there for the bbq, but just couldn't get past the non-starters. If it's still open 6 months down the road, maybe another try.

          1. re: CocoaNut

            Just to clarify Coco, you are talking about the bbq place Crossroads correct? Just concerned that people could think you are talking about Riva. I have eaten at Riva twice recently and both times were excellent. I've gone with the mediterrean both times, but they have an ample Italian menu.