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Jan 27, 2011 05:27 AM

Restaurant recommendations for lunch after marriage by city hall?

After a long hiatus away from NYC, my beau and I are coming back to get hitched down at the nyc marriage bureau by city hall. We're looking for a restaurant to go to afterwards for an early lunch in lower manhattan which has a nice atmosphere, good food (preferably american/european to appease the in-laws), is around the price range of $15-23 per entree and can accommodate a group of 13.

Is this possible, or am I just dreaming?

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  1. You should contact Bouley if maybe they can give you either a very large table or a private room. They offer a $36 multi-course tasting menu which might work for your party. Best wishes!

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    1. Why not go from city hall to City Hall? They also have private rooms.

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        Fantastic, thanks for the suggestions! Will definitely check out Bouley and City Hall for the occasion.

      2. If you can't get into Bouley, try Tocqueville for the lunch prix fixe.