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Jan 27, 2011 05:11 AM

powdered milk substitute

HI all,

What would be a good substitue for powdered milk in a bread machine recipe to make pareve bread? I was thinking non-dairy creamer, but apparently it has dairy in it.

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  1. If it's just a small amount you can probably skip it altogether, otherwise do what the vegans do:

    1. I either throw in a splash of soy milk (even though it's liquid), or a use product I bought at a health food store called "Better Than Milk--Soy," which is powdered. That would probably be closer to what you want, but for me, I keep it high up in a cabinet, and it's far less accessible than the soymilk that I always have in the fridge, so I usually go for that first. I make bread in a bread machine almost weekly, and have never had a problem using the liquid soymilk. (I also agree with ferret--if it's a small amount, you can probably just skip it--especially if you don't have either of the products I mentioned.)

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        I think there is a soy milk powder certified OU pareve made by now foods... should be a good substitute

      2. I am a vegan with a kosher home. We make bread every week. We have yet to find a recipe that actually requires milk rather than water. If you prefer can substitute soy milk powder. We successfully use ground flax seeds instead of eggs. Works great.