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Jan 27, 2011 05:09 AM

Wine Bars in Toledo

We''ll be spending a day and a night in Toledo in March, and we're looking for a few nigthlife options. Anyone know of any good wine bars or just bars in general? How is Adolfo Vinoteca? Is it more of a restaurant than a wine bar?

Also, how is La Perdiz? We're thinking of going there for dinner.

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  1. We went last year to "La Perdiz" and the "Adolfo" restaurante and found the food much better at the "Adolfo" . Also went to the "Adolfo Coleccion" which is a mix of a tapas / wine bar and restaurant with a grocery section... (their Turon is fantastic). We were lucky to be invited to visit their cellars which are close to the "Coleccion" because we were on a wine tour. I am not sure if they are open to the general public but it might be worth asking ahead.