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Jan 27, 2011 04:31 AM

Newport Dinner: Black Pearl, Mooring or the Pier?

Hi CT Chowhound here with a question for an upcoming trip:

Which of these would you choose?
BlackPearl (Tavern side), Pier or Mooring on a Winter Saturday Night - No kids.

The 2nd night we are in town we are doing Perro Salado so thought we'd try something more traditionally seafood oriented for the Saturday Night.

Thank you in advance for any info (ordering tips welcomed!)

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  1. The Pier is tragically bad. Chowder like glue. Please don't go there. Black Pearl and Moorings are both solid choices. What kind of an atmosphere are you looking for?

    Moorings was renovated a few years ago and is very shiny and pretty now, but it is a little generic. Having said that, it is our go to place for taking out of town guests. Even when the place is mobbed during the boat show or jazz fest, service is excellent. The "bag of donuts" app is not to be missed.

    Black Pearl has a much more traditional feel and is a uniquely Newport destination. I'm a little embarrassed to say I've never had a full meal there. But their reputation is solid.

    Perro is an excellent choice for a fun night out. Try to grab a seat in the back bar. Very cozy.

    If you haven't chosen a Sunday brunch spot, Clarke Cooke puts on a nice one with live music.

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    1. re: debtslave

      +1 all of the above
      Also - 5th Element just reopened and has really good food and a fun bar atomsphere.

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        Hi Debtslave,

        I'm sorry to hear how you feel about The Pier. I actually work for the restaurant and would love to extend a sincere apology for any bad experience you may have had at The Pier Restaurant.

        We strive to deliver each dish to perfection.

        We would love for you to give us another try. We would extend a 20% discount on your next meal due to your previous experience.


        Ana Henao

        Marketing / Social Media

        The Pier Retaurant
        Howard Wharf, Newport, RI 02840

      2. Any reason to avoid the Castle Hill Inn?

        Castle Hill Inn & Resort
        590 Ocean Ave, Newport, RI 02840

        Perro Salado
        19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

        Black Pearl the W Pelham
        W Pelham, Newport, RI 02840

        The Mooring Restaurant
        1 Sayer's Wharf, Newport, RI 02840

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        1. re: okra

          I haven't eaten at Castle Hill in three years, so I can't say anything current about the food. And as much as I love that space during the summer, in the winter time I find that dining room to be very cold. And with the sun setting around 4:30 these days, there isn't much of a view at dinner time. I would save it for a fall or spring weekend.

          1. re: debtslave

            A big thanks to all for your responses! Some day we'll do Castle Hill but not this time - The Black Pearl/Mooring it will be.

            So will I need a res for Mooring or Perro Salado on a January Weekend Night? I think Black Pearl Tavern is a no reservation place so we may just roll the dice.

            Any tips at what to order at any of these places is very appreciated...


            Perro Salado
            19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

            1. re: debvil

              Perro Salado - sticky ribs! and margaritas ( I love the cucumber and the cilantro)!

              Mooring - both scallop and clam chowder are really good.

              You might make a reservation at both Perro and Mooring - ask for the back room at Perro Salado.

              Perro Salado
              19 Charles St, Newport, RI 02840

        2. The Mooring is one of our favorites, bits not 'fine dining' if that matters. It's a good combo of seafood and comfort food. And has a decent wine list.

          1. I'd say mooring - only had appetizers there, esp the bag of donuts. But, when we looked at the menu we wanted to go back for dinner but had reservations elsewhere, so Mooring is on our list the next time we go to newport.

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            1. re: Shoreliner

              What about The Deck? What is "the bag of donuts"?

              1. re: Alica

                Bag of donuts is a little bag filled with seafood fritters, served with a remoulade similar to what many places serve with crab cakes. We get one every time we're there.

                1. re: Spaizy

                  Well I think I'll be making a trip to the Moorings! Sounds good!!

            2. We love the Mooring and The Pier. The Pier with its new owners is really pretty good. The Pier,with it's old owners, was not very good. The Black Pearl is a tourist haven that's a bit overrated. They get by on the reputation of their chowder, but even that's a bit overpriced.