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Jan 26, 2011 11:18 PM

Alice Bakery and Confectionary at 129 South Main Street in North Wales

anyone been? Saw this artilce in the distorter online:

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I'm going to have to check it out. The sticky buns made to order sound really good.
    Do the people of North Wales really need to be told by the writer of this article that French baguettes are elongated pieces of bread with five slits? Just how provincial are we out in the far reaches of the northwestern burbs?

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    1. re: thehungrything

      What? You didn’t know that us North Penn Area Folk don’t know a bagel from a baguette?

      In all seriousness, I’m considering ordering up a dozen of those “to order” sticky buns to pick up tomorrow on my way into work

      (wondering if this is a good thing or a bad thing that he’s located just about a block away from Nettie Jane’s)

      1. re: thehungrything

        TheHungaryThing-- You will not be disappointed

      2. I have been to Alice Bakery two or three times and the owner is a very, very talented guy. Not only does he bake cakes AND bread but he is a chocolatier as well. I have not had a lot of items from the bakery but have tried some of the muffins, ciabatta and chocolates; all have been good. The ciabatta is very good! From what I have seen and tasted so far I am hoping that that this bakery is on a very high level along with Night Kitchen (Chestnut Hill) and Roma (Blue Bell). My first impression is that it may be a gem. I don’t think that he is sparing expense on ingredients so the prices are a little high but the products are really delicious.

        1. WoW is all I can say!! We stopped in today....Dennis was wonderful...attentive and informative...explaining everything. We bought the bagette ....a ciabatto....a foccacia and a pack of day old sticky buns. He promised that even day old sticky buns from here were better than fresh made elsewhere....and HE WAS SOOOO RIGHT!! This is a wonderful little find! Here's hoping they do well!

          1. Nice feel to the shop with friendly knowledgable people. More importantly the goods we have sampled were excellent. The baguette is dead on the French definition and as good a baguette as this poster has had. Having no idea as to which region of Italy to attribute this style of ciabatta; it was just excellent. These baked goods were, to me, worth a drive in the snow. The training, knowledge and experience of Dennis are quite obvious. People of North Wales you are blessed!

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              Bacchus, you're absolutely correct about the baguette. Haven't tasted one anywhere near as good as ABC's since I was in Bordeaux last fall. I'm not a big pastry eater, but I'm going to have to try the sticky buns after reading the posts here!

            2. I brought two dozen sticky buns to work today, using a coworkers birthday as my excuse. One dozen with raisins and pecans one dozen just pecans

              I called the order in yesterday and spoke with Dennis, the owner.
              First I’d like to comment on what a super nice guy that he is. It was after 5 and I was still at work and we commiserated on our long hours… (his being WAY longer than mine)

              He’s up at 2AM every day to create these wonderful fluffy buttery sweet… wait, I haven’t gotten to that yet

              I asked to pick them up at 7:15 and Dennis assured me they’d be coming out of the oven AT 7:15

              I couldn’t get myself out of the house on time, so I didn’t get there till nearly 7:30 but there they were: The still quite hot, beautiful sticky buns, waiting on the counter for me.

              It was nice to meet Dennis, who I’m happy to say told me that since the Reporter article his business has been doing quite well. He’s really into good food, but goes out of his way to have no pretense about it. Good food is, well good food and you don’t have to be sitting in a white table clothed restaurant to enjoy one of his desserts…
              He’s very customer friendly, you feel instantly appreciated and welcomed. I felt as if I just made a friend (what a nice friend to have, right?)

              He also has an assortment of loose teas and there was coffee brewing that smelled heavenly (I had mine in the car already)
              My eyes were darting around looking at all the other goodies he had in the bakery cases, chocolates and pastries and bread… oh my! It was tough to not to pick up anything else, but I had no time to linger over choices.

              I accepted my light hearted admonishment for not being there on time, scooped up the large warm box of sticky buns (which he offered to take out to my car for me) and brought them to work (heat on… trying to conserve the warmth left in the buns)

              I am happy to tell you that these are by far the best sticky buns that have ever passed these lips!

              I’m a good home cook…. I can make a really good cinnamon/sticky bun… I can’t make anything that comes close to this

              The dough is perfectly cooked, it’s light and fluffy and buttery tasting and just sweet enough (nothing cloying or cutesy about it)
              There’s the nice yeastiness, cinnamon, brown sugar, butter. Perfectly composed so that none of the flavors over power the other

              There’s also a generous amount of raisins and nuts on each set.
              They were still warm by the time I got to work and I very quickly became everyone’s best friend.

              They’re nearly gone… and I’m considering going back and grabbing a second before the rest of the office seagulls come in and swoop down to gobble them up!

              So, GO TO ALICE BAKERY…. Get the sticky buns, or probably anything else that Dennis makes. I know I’ll be going back often (waistline forgive me) to try some of his other offerings.

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              1. re: cgarner

                With all the sticky bun talk, I drove up to Alice's last Sat.
                I tried the bread, vanilla cupcakes, and of course the sticky buns.
                All were very good. I'll be going back.