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Things we enjoy uncooked (that we probably shouldn't)

What things do you enjoy before they're cooked? I don't mean sashimi, or steak tartare, or things that are intended to be eaten raw. I'm sure most of us have scarfed down a glob or two of cookie dough. I'm completely powerless over yellow cake batter, and have been known to munch on uncooked ramen noodles. Anyone else like to sneak a nibble of something before it's cooked or baked?

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  1. When I make buttermilk pancakes, I can never resist eating some of the batter raw. Mmmm.

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    1. re: Slowdive

      I actually make my pancakes so that they are "raw" in the middle. I love uncooked pancake batter.

      1. re: ttoommyy

        I thought I was the only crazy one to do that! Nice to know I'm not alone :)

        I also love raw cookie dough. Won't eat baked chocolate chip cookies, but can eat a whole batch of the dough.

      2. re: Slowdive

        +1!!!! ..er...+3? hahaha, I <3 buttermilk pancake batter!

        1. re: yummfood

          +4. pr whatever we're up to now. And biscuit dough, though it's been about 20 years since I've had that.

        2. re: Slowdive

          luv of god, leave out the egg when you do that! safety first. then delish!

          1. re: Chowrin

            I've been eating raw pancake batter with eggs for a long time and I'm still kickin'. :)

            1. re: ttoommyy

              And cookie dough, and cake batter...

        3. I always have a piece of dry pasta as it cooks, and if I cook bacon, I always fish out a warm but very limp piece or two to enjoy while the rest cooks. mmmmm.

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          1. re: occula

            I used to eat "raw" bacon when I was a kid. It's smoked, so it's really not raw, is it?

            I also used to eat a very small portion of raw hamburger meat fresh from the butcher when my parents got home from shopping on Saturdays. Ah, the 60s...we were so ignorantly blissful then! lol

            1. re: ttoommyy

              My uncle always will taste raw ground beef.. said the local butcher (50 60s era) got him on to tasting the meat raw when he would pick it up for his parents ...

              1. re: Augie6

                I'm right there with tasting raw meat. Because I buy it and have it ground there, I'm not askeert to take a nice nubbin when I'm repackaging it. I also will slice off a piece of steak and eat it raw before I prepare it.
                Oh, and once I caught a mousie and I ate that too. : ) JK.

          2. Chocolate chunk cookie dough; I make lots of dough and eat quite a bit of it before it becomes...um...cookies. Same with fudge brownie batter. I leave a lot extra in the bowl to lick out. Oh, and of course shortbread dough.

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            1. re: chefathome

              Ditto on that!!! Baking the dough just ruins it.

              1. re: chefathome

                I always use a smaller baking dish then called for in my brownie recipe, because I eat so much batter. Last year, my niece introduced me to the idea of freezing the batter. Scooping it out with spoons while watching a silly movie with your 13 year old niece is fantastic.

                1. re: debbiel

                  What an awesome idea! I just happen to have a 13-year-old niece who would love to do that with her favourite auntie.

                  1. re: debbiel

                    I'm going to have to keep that idea "on ice" until my nieces are a little bigger! :) that.sounds.awesome!

                2. My son likes to nibble on raw pasta,potato, and garlic. I told him that he should have no concern for vampires coming to take him away....or girls, for that matter.

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                  1. re: VeggieHead

                    As a kid I loved raw potatoes. Even now when I'm cuting them up to make fryies, chips etc I eat a few.

                    1. re: Sandwich_Sister

                      Same here, I cannot seem to be able to resist munching on a few slices when preparing them. I generally leave the skin on after scrubbing it, and the end pieces with most of the skin seem to be the most appealing for chomping down raw.

                      1. re: vil

                        Is there a reason you're not supposed to eat potatoes raw? I was scared off them by my mom.

                        1. re: buttertart

                          Potatoes attract bacteria .. potatoe salad is more dangerous sitting out from potatoes than mayo... although, i would doubt a raw potatoe is that dangerous

                            1. re: debbiel

                              alton brown food network.. go figure Glad you have the time to double check The bar tender at my local bar always eats raw potoatoes slice before fried fot the chips .. not bad dipped in ranch

                              1. re: Augie6

                                Shame on Alton! His decline in my eyes continues...Sad. I once adored him.

                              2. re: debbiel

                                That Snopes article actually confirms that potatoes could go bad in potato salad faster than mayo. Just read the whole article... Alton Brown was right. Of Course.

                                1. re: Becca Porter

                                  I did read the whole article. I don't post things without reading them. I don't know what Alton said, but if he said anything that suggested people should be concerned about eating cut potatoes, shame on him. The article pretty much says--don't fret about your cut onions or potatoes.

                            2. re: buttertart

                              Potatoes contain glykoalkaloids, which are toxins. I still eat raw potatoes, but I wouldn't eat a meal of them. I don't know how much potato you have to eat before feeling the effect; levels do vary by potato type.

                              1. re: debbiel

                                Another one for the mom was always right file.

                      2. Wow! This is a great question!
                        For me? ANY batter of anything I happen to be baking. When I make pie dough, I always sneak a little of the raw dough--I love the fat and saltiness! Meatballs--I really need to taste the raw meatballs to make sure the seasoning is just right! Raw stuffing--you know--when the stuffing at Thanksgiving is made and not cooked yet--*eyeroll* ahhhhh. Potatoes. I've been known to actually salt a raw piece of potato and munch on it!

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                        1. re: jarona

                          "When I make pie dough, I always sneak a little of the raw dough--I love the fat and saltiness!"

                          Me too! I love to eat the trimmings.

                        2. If I'm alone and I know I'm not going to see anyone for a day or two there's nothing I like better than to thinly slice a red onion and eat it raw with bread or crackers.

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                          1. re: Peg

                            I bought paper thin sliced spring lamb loin to use in a hot pot. I fed a couple of slices (minus the fat) to my puppy and he inhaled them. I tasted one myself and it was really good.

                            I was a big fan of raw doughs (still am, when I actually bake) as a kid. I used to crunch on raw spaghetti and have been known to sample a grain or two of already soaked but not cooked basmati rice. Raw sweet potatoes are kind of tasty, as are raw parsnips, but I'm not convinced that they aren't meant to be eaten cooked or raw.

                          2. Raw beef and every now and then a spoonful of flour.

                            1. As a kid… raw hamburger meat and of course cake batter and cookie dough. How about that for being an American kid growing up in the 60's, 70's 80's. Now the food police and child services would be knocking on my door within minutes if I let my children eat that stuff.

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                              1. re: hardtail60

                                My dad always handed me a little bit of raw hamburger meet when he was prepping burgers. I say buy from a trusted source and go ahead and let your children in on the experience. :)

                              2. When I roll out fresh pasta, a few of the scraps will invariably end up in my mouth.

                                1. +1 on all the mentions of hamburger meat and brownie batter when i was a kid. and there was NEVER any scratch baking going on in our house, but refrigerated cookie dough rarely ever made it into the oven.

                                  1. I just thought of a funny one...Spam! We always had Spam in my house growing up and it was always fried for a sandwich or cubed up and cooked with scrambled eggs. I loved eating it right out of the can though. I realize it's a processed food so of course you can eat it "raw" but I really never met anyone else who did.

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                                    1. re: ttoommyy

                                      But I did too! I cannot imagine eating it right out of the can (with a spoon or with a fork?), but I used to slice it up and eat it just like that. Well, it has been a long time ago.

                                      For the same matter, I sometimes have a craving to bite into "raw" sausages, the kind that are probably pre-cooked but are meant to be re-cooked and eaten hot. I just sometimes feel like biting into something more gelatinous and solid than if they were cooked.

                                      Great topic for making confessions of this type, by the way.

                                      1. re: vil

                                        My father used to eat raw sausage meat. Raw. He said there hadn't been trichinosis in Ontario pigs for many years. Raw (butcher) ground beef too.

                                        1. re: buttertart

                                          I've had raw sausage in northern Italy a few times. Absolutely delicious when spread on crostini.

                                    2. Biscuit dough. OMG good. I make biscuits probably once or twice a week, and I just have to eat some of the dough. Luckily, there is always leftovers after cutting out my rounds. I also always seem to manage to get 13 biscuits out of a batch, so to make things line up nicely on the cookie sheet, I have to eat that odd one. ;)

                                      But my 3 year old has caught on and now she wants dough too.

                                      Oh, also raw challah dough. Half way through the first rise, I just have to taste it and make sure it's "right". This did save me the one time I forgot to add salt. I had enough time to make a new batch!

                                      1. Yesterday after reading this thread I promptly went to the kitchen to make banana bread. I sort of caught myself enjoying some of the raw banana bread batter.

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                                        1. re: chefathome

                                          I LOVE eating banana bread batter! I think I like it even more than the baked result. I always leave plenty on my bowl to lick off.

                                        2. Raw oatmeal (quick-cooking or oldfashioned). Surprisingly fun to eat.

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                                          1. re: buttertart

                                            that reminds me of how i used to love to eat the instant oatmeal packets raw when i was a kid. i would just stick a spoon right in the packet and go to town on it.

                                            now, my undercooked food is bacon. i like it limp and floppy. yum!

                                          2. cake/cookie/brownie batter and uncooked ramen noodles from the bags that are 10/$1.

                                            1. I love to crunch raw pasta -- the tubular varieties seem to be my favorites.

                                              1. I love raw pie dough! Glad I am not the only one who secretly scarfs down the scraps. The salt/fat thing does it for me.

                                                I am completely powerless over any raw cookie dough or brownie/cake batter. Yellow cake batter, chocolate cake batter, batter for quick breads...I'll eat any of it. I call it "checking for seasoning" before I bake.

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                                                1. re: mels

                                                  Yes! Checking for seasoning is absolutely critical! Even after the bread or pie or cake or cookies have gone into the oven. :)

                                                2. batter of almost any sort! oooh so good, and yet so bad! my particular favorite was the batter for rhubarb bread, before I put in the cut fruit. o.m.g. my mother's recipe called for a lot of cinnamon and sugar - I loved to make that as a teen, but never ate the finished product. (rhubarb ruins it for me, lol!)
                                                  i forgot until ttoommyy mentioned it, how much I always enjoyed those pancakes that didn't get cooked in the middle! hmmm... might have to have a cooking "accident" next time I make pancakes! DH would never understand! then again, maybe he would. the best cake we ever ate was some cake mix/peach/butter/brown sugar concoction my bff made that didn't get cooked in the middle. the 4 of us sat around it with spoons and ate the entire 9x13 pan!

                                                  1. Okay, here is another fun one but I don't know if it counts: Ovaltine or Horlicks eaten right from the jar. I no longer do that, but I used to go through several jars of those without (almost) making any actual drinks out of them!

                                                    1. ramen noodles, dry, straight from the bag. does that count? i know its cooked but it not intended to be eaten that way.

                                                      1. My partner eats butter. Just butter. If it is on the table for corn on the cob or some such thing, he will sneak a few pats when no one (he thinks) is looking. Same with margarine and any types of those spreads.

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                                                        1. re: ttoommyy

                                                          Butter, yes. I can completely understand that. Margerine? Ew.

                                                        2. cake batte, raw fresh pasta, pancake batter, cookie dough, bacon,