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Jan 26, 2011 07:36 PM

Look like Girl Scout Cookies are downsizing

From the WSJ: "Cookie Cutters: Girl Scouts Trim Their Lineup for Lean Times"

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  1. at least there'll be Samoas! those are my favorite..

    1. Since this is suppose to be an educational program in financial literacy as much as the opportunity to raise funds, I think this decision is brilliant.

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      1. re: HillJ

        Look in the cookie isle next time you go shoping kebler makes the carnal edits along with the peanutbutter paties and the peperment paties.

          1. re: daddy719

            I Think I should read what I write first.
            It should say caramel delights.
            (I know were your mind is)

            1. re: daddy719

              I figured out the caramel part, but the edits had me stumped.

              1. re: daddy719

                Did you have auto correct on? Or was this a real Freudian slip? lol

          2. when I was selling Girl Scout cookies, we hated having the "duds" - there were always a couple on the list that were we'd have orders from people who'd buy a case of two of Thin Mints, and a case of the peanut butter ones (either Do Si Dos or Savannahs, depending on what part of th country your in) we'd go pick up our orders to deliver and there'd be ONE box of whatever weird one they came up with this year.

            Makes all kinds of financial sense to not bother with the slow- or non-movers...stick to the Samoas and Thin's what we all want, anyway.

            (and people were bitching back then because they were $1.75 a box....)