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Jan 26, 2011 07:19 PM

Anthing new Aventura, NMB area, Hallandale, Hollywood area since jan 2010?

Any new spots in the last year open?
Will hit my favorites but wondered if anything new worth trying,,,,visiting from NY...
Former Miami, lay it on me....thanks...
any cuisines...

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  1. Il Mercato- Hallandale

    Casual lunch spot on beach- Le Petit Prince- Hollywood Beach (same menu as Le Sandwicherie, South Beach)

    Pushing the distance- Chow Down Grill in Surfside- Look for daily specials.

    If you really want to push the envelope regarding requested areas II would check out American Noodle.

    Skip Heavy Burger in 'Tura.

    Can't think of anything else notable and new since 1/10 in those areas.

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    1. re: The Chowfather

      thanks...Il Mercato sounds interesting, and appreciate Le Petit as we're often up by Johnson St beach area--will try it out...Sunny Isles works better for us than Surfside--
      Is there any great barbecue worth driving to?
      Thanks for the suggestions!

      1. re: The Chowfather

        what didn't you like about Heavy kid loves burgers..see that it has lots of favorable reviews online....

        1. re: janie

          The burger at Heavy Burger was ok but nothing special. I'm a burger fan, live 2 minutes from it and have not been back.. Much better options in the area, Lounge @ Bourbon Steak or Le Tub. If you feel like taking the kids down to South Beach for a burger I would recommend Burger & Beer Joint or Shake Shack.

          If in town on Tuesday you can head down to the Food Truck Rally at 127th & Biscayne from 5:30 to 10. Look for the Dim ssam a go go truck and the gastroPod.

          Le Tub
          1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

          Bourbon Steak
          19999 West Country Club Drive, Aventura, FL 33180

          The Burger & Beer Joint
          1766 Bay Road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

      2. I've enjoyed Il Mercato the couple times we've gone - solid neighborhood place.

        We tried Copper Chimney, a new Indian place in Sunny Isles, this weekend and I was pretty pleased.

        1. Back home to NYC.....thanks for the tips, and wanted to give quick report on what we ate:

          -Barrio Latina in Waterways
          --dinner here, so completely underrated on this board...everything was top notch--chicken steak--excellent, chicken steak with garlic sauce like they do for the scampi --you can ask for this not on menu, $4 extra and definitely worth it..fantastic....
          -tilapia--good, maduras, sweet as sugar, hamburger for kid, declared great...rice, beans good as they get, butter bread, always good and fresh...but most of all, table side made Sangria that knocks your socks good as mine, and I make a mean one...we devoured a pitcher of it!

          Pilar-Promenade Shops, Aventura--excellent, but food took a long time to come out--very good crab cake appetizer priced fairly lots of crab little filler..the way I like...fantastic scallops--one of my favorite dishes anywhere...pasta with white beans--good...flourless choc cake,, okay for dessert,,,nothing special---their banana choc cake is better...

          Cantina Laredo at Gulfstream two words, don't go. Uniformly lousy...nice looking place, but the food is nothing and overpriced for what it is. Also, everything was served cold--vegetable fajitas, on a sizzling plate, nothing sizzling....enchilada's ice cold....rice do you scew up rice...table salsas from a jar---dessert of choc cake was good, ,but that was it..and I'm sure they didn't make it....

          Brio at Gulstream this gulfstream park to hangout at and see the horses and fountains, and some good's a wonderful addition to the area, but the restaurants are hit or miss...however, the cheese shop was pretty cool...cute place to grab something....I didn't care for what I got, which was Penne Mediterranean, lackluster ingred too few of them, and absolutely bland, however, other dishes at the table were liked, shrimp linguine, and chicken under brick...but I tasted them, and thought again nothing way to describe it, not as good as Cheesecake factory with twice the know the feeling you get when the waiter just opens his mouth to talk and you know your meal will suck..that's how it rolled...
          But, very nice atmosphere....salad apps were ok...perhaps best for lunch when you're out shopping...

          Texas de Brasil--gulfsteam park........the salad bar was divine--everything fresh and meat was flank steak, and garlic steak..however, the meats are heavy on the salt there...the chicken wrapped in bacon also very good....pretty place...desserts were ok..the cheesecake with choc bottom being the best..carrot cake, a bit dry...service excellent--much better than last year

          Julio's --Skylake mall area...fantastic lunch--mediterranean salad, so fresh and wonderful, asked for side of avocado's...grilled veg salad, also great, and kid LOVES their turkey burger on pita...with side of barbecue--good this little spot--lovely waitress from New Hope, PA!

          Aroma Espresso Bar on Sunny Isles--great looking place, however, prices are too high--choc iced drink was tasty and kid liked it..their lemonmint iced drink, better as you drank it..but pricey and small for both...the bureka's were lousy..cold and strange aftertaste...twice the flavor and size here in NYC at half the price...wouldn't return...

          Yard House, Gulfstream...this is defintely the spot to go if you're in this complex, went for lunch and then dessert--nice outdoor seating, and they have heaters if you're there on a cool night which we were...good salad with barb chick, great hamburger, good chick sandwich with avocado, good fries, excellent angerlhair pasta dish, good brownie, not so good creme brele--would have been better if hot...good drinks...many beers to choose from...nice view of fountains and horses when they bring them out....good prices, good portions...inside darker and noisier..

          Epicure Market, Sunny lunch from counters and ate it there...terrific place...
          delicious breads and pump bialys--salt sticks, onion boards...delicous tuna salad, bean salad, chicken salad, super fresh scallion cream cheese, good cupcakes--easy and quick

          Joe's Stone Crabs--sat night madness...usually we go on a Thurs or Fri, but ended up there on Sat night..what a scene...people watching at its best...have a connection that has always got us in within 10 minutes max, but we waited about 25-30 minutes...and that was a first..the place was just on overload--no recession going on at Joe's that's for sure...the evening got crazier, when they told us we'd have to move our table over because they were bringing a stretcher in through the back exit door we were sitting next to-- (they wanted to sit us in the b/w plastic table room--I have an aversion to that room-but this time I think we should've gone there!)...anyway, we sat all scrunched over, until they go the stretcher in and out--all you see going by, is VERY EXPENSIVE designer shoes sticking out--and a napkin covering her mouth..and guess what she went alone because her companions didn't want to leave...shit, it probably took them 2.5 hours to get in!! Nice friends, huh? Anyway..we asked, hey, shouldn't we got some free stone crabs tor all this inconvenience...ahhh..don't think so!--anyway...stone crabs were good, one dud in the bunch with no flavor--prices a bit less than last year...good spinach with garlic creamed, excellent potato lyonaise, excellent chopsteak for the kid (fist one came out rare, sent it back since he wanted med well)--key lime pie not as good as usual..don't know what went wrong..crust was hard as a rock....and small slice....disapointing...interesting to note--the shrimp in garlic sauce which I usually get is made with shrimp from Thailand, not the gulf--would have ordered but got too full---since I'm not eating gulf shrimp anymore..fisherman friends say to stay away from it....full of disperents. and the shrimp that normally come to spawn in the estuaries never came this year because of the since I used to love gulf shrimp...but it says a lot that Joe's isn't serving gulf shrimp, and their stone crabs come from areas off the keys and nowhere near the spill areas....great evening...

          Original Pancake House in Boca---love this place...perfect blueberry belgian waffle, pancakes, mandarin orange crepes, homefries, fresh orange juice..everything hot and fresh, super sweet service ---bit of a wait but worth it...

          Anthony's Coal Oven Pizza in Aventura--love this place..went twice--.excellent everything, pizza, meatballs, eggplant app, chicken wings, salad, tuna sandwich foccacio, grilled chicken with fresh non melted mozzrel instead of melted reg mozzarell--DELISH!

          French Bakery next to Anthonys ---good croissants

          -------------------I think that sums it up...hope this helps out for anyone in the same areas....

          Next time will hit up Keeses in South Beach, grabbed a menu from them--for the green falafel--thanks --will follow the thread and pass the info along to family and friends....

          Epicure Markets
          17190 Collins Ave Sunny Isles, Bch, FL

          Cantina Laredo
          The Village at Gulfstream Park, 501 Silks Run, Hallandale, FL 33009