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Alternatives to Spoon House for Japanese (wafu) spaghetti / pasta?

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Is Spoon House the only place in town for wafu spaghetti? This would be western pastas topped with Japanese ingredients - cod roe, bonito, seaweed, sea urchin, natto, shiso, etc.

Spoon House
1601 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247

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  1. Blue Marlin on Sawtelle serves wafu spaghetti.

    Blue Marlin
    2121 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025

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      I like Blue Marlin, uni spaghetti

      Blue Marlin
      27590 Jefferson Ave, Temecula, CA 92590

    2. Well, right close by to Spoon House is Akane Chaya which also has it.

      Spoon House
      1601 W Redondo Beach Blvd, Gardena, CA 90247

      Akane Chaya
      1610 W Redondo Beach Blvd Ste 5, Gardena, CA 90247

      1. Gaja Moc in Lomita is known mainly for okonomiyaki and monjayaki, but they also do wafu spaghetti.

        They also do a soup with spaghetti noodles with ika and mentaiko added to the broth. That might be a change of pace you'd like. Last time I was there for lunch, they had a special where you get a big bowl of this soup with spaghetti noodles plus okonomiyaki made in the kitchen (not at your table) for around $6.

        Gaja Moc
        2383 Lomita Blvd, Lomita, CA 90717

        1. there's also italian tomato (in the food court at mitsuwa) and il chianti.

          Il Chianti
          24503 Narbonne Ave, Lomita, CA 90717

          Mitsuwa Marketplace
          21515 Western Av, Torrance, CA 90501