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Jan 26, 2011 06:05 PM

Cookware Storage Ideas and Tips?

So, my new cookware obsession has me swimming in pots and pans. I've not got too much space so I could use some hints and tips. Anything you put in the pans to help them not scuff if you stack them? Specific recs would be awesome. Any ideas for keeping the lids organized?

I've got basically one and a half deeeeep cabinets to work with. Not ideal!

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  1. install drawers instead of cabinet or slide out shelves inside cabinet. makes it way easier to find and retrieve things. I use a paper towel or a paper plate between pots and pans that could scratch. And I keep all pot lids in a separate deep drawer.

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      Thanks for your ideas. It's an apt so there will be no remodeling. Too bad for me! :)

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        If you can't install roll-out shelves in your cabinets (Rev-a-Shelf and others make these to retrofit plain cabinets, so they don't have to be a real remodeling effort, but it still might be unworkable for a rental), another option is to get a tall, tiered metal stand. This is especially nice for enameled cast iron pots, as they're nice to look at, but is also good for metal soup pots and bigger saucepans that eat up the space inside a cabinet. It needs to be not too far away from the cooking center to be useful.

    2. As for scuffing, I use thin, square silicone pot holders, like these.

      1. My sister uses cookware protectors from Pampered Chef. After my last visit (involving lots of cooking) I'm leaning towards getting some too!

        1. I usually put up a pot rack where I can hang pots, either ceiling or wall. Now I have cabinets and have to stack. i use left over shelf liner that has some padding between pans. You can wipe it off and cheap and can cut the size you need. I had recently relined shelves and was so proud I found a use for the leftovers.