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Jan 26, 2011 03:41 PM

Can a muffin recipe be baked in a loaf pan?

I am wondering if I can use a muffin recipe to bake in a loaf pan. If so, what considerations do I need to make regarding cooking temperature and time? Also, how can I determine how many loaf pans I would need for a recipe?

I am going to have a "Chopped" style baking contest with a friend and think I might find better or additional source material from muffin recipes in addition to quick breads. The end product must have been baked in a loaf pan (a gift from the other contestant), and must include peaches, sunflower seeds and cinnamon (chosen randomly by our co-workers) hence my thoughts of muffin recipes.

Although I love to cook and feel very comfortable deviating from recipes, I am not secure in my baking skills so any help in this area would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. It can be done but how long depends on what's in your recipe. Since you're using peaches, it's going to take longer to bake in a loaf pan as opposed to a muffin tin with all dry ingredients. If this were me, I'd use a good banana nut muffin recipe (similar liquid content) as a basis to figure how long to bake the recipe you're making and sub out the bananas and nuts for your ingredients (leave out baking soda; add baking powder) .

    As far as how many loaf pans you'd need, most muffin recipes are for 6-12 muffins; the batter for six muffins should be plenty for one loaf but I suggest you test the recipe first as you may have to do
    1 1/2 times the recipe to make a full loaf. It all depends on the recipe and how large your loaf pan is (I have three sizes) Hoped this helped somewhat.

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      Thanks--wondering about the changes re baking soda/baking powder?

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        don't change the ingredients at all...all you change is the baking time.