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Jan 26, 2011 02:35 PM

Good Lunch Spot in McMinnville

I hope this question is posted in the correct place. We'll be driving to McMinnville to visit the Linfield College campus and thought we would stop for lunch before returning to the city. Any suggestions on places to eat, a good diner with blue plate specials perhaps, or a favorite local restaurant. I'd appreciate any suggestions as this will be our first visit to the area. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Golden Valley Brewpub is always a favorite of mine to meet friends at. We've also had good meals at Bistro Maison, although it's more upscale than the brewpub.

    Bistro Maison
    729 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

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      Thanks for your suggestions tracylee! Besides Golden Valley and Bistro Maison, how is the Crescent Cafe and McManamin's Pub? Just trying to get a feel for the available food options, in case we end up coming back to McMinnville on a regular basis for 4 years.

      1. re: curiousgeo

        I haven't tried the Crescent Cafe - I actually live about 45 minutes away from McMinnville and don't get there very often.

        McMinnamin's is good, it's part of a small chain in Oregon - there are two here in Salem - always in old buildings, so it's a nice atmosphere, and the food is consistent. My ex and I used to do the New Years package every year at the Hotel Oregon, where the restaurant is.

        1. re: tracylee

          I beg to differ on McMenamin's being a "small" chain--they have on the order of 50 locations in Oregon and Washington, which puts them firmly in the "good-sized" chain territory. It's probably worth going to one if you haven't seen what they're like, but the food is quite average (and it's pretty similar at most locations).

    2. Hi! I went to Linfield so I've been to most of these places.

      Here are my suggestions:

      Wildwood Cafe (funky breakfast place that has heartier portions. Their french toast is killer and you can't go wrong with the "downtowner).
      Cresent Cafe - this is probably my favorite place in Mcminnville. They have great omlettes and the menu is always changing.
      "Sage" is also a cool place to go to for lunch. It is upstairs inside of a shop on 3rd street.

      DInner places I like: Bistro Maison, La Rambla, Umberto's, Nicks.

      Golden Valley is a place a lot of people go to. The food is good, but nothing special. McMinnemans is good - their cajun tots are awesome. But, there are McMinnemin's everywhere in Oregon so it isn't anythign special.

      Bistro Maison
      729 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

      La Rambla Restaurant & Bar
      238 NE 3rd St, McMinnville, OR 97128

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        Thanks killerkelly7. If everyone feels like breakfast we'll probably try either Wildwood or Crescent Cafe. If it's lunch then Golden Valley or McMinnemin's (if only to see the hotel). Looking forward to visiting Linfield, it looks like a great place to attend college.

      2. Nick's has awesome Italian food in downtown McMinville. Thet have really good wine and really good food. I love it there, you can't go wrong.