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Jan 26, 2011 12:44 PM

ISO dry-pack scallops

We'd like to cook a scallop dinner at home. All the sources we consult for recipes strongly recommend dry-pack scallops. Can anyone suggest a local source?

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  1. This is an easy request. Costco! Read the linked page to learn the whole story of what and why.

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      While Costco may use non-tsp scallops, i personally am not a fan. They say that they have people at the docks doing quality control, but in my experience, they dont have someone at the store doing quality control. I do shop at costco and i do think they are great for certain items. Their seafood roadshows, in my opinion are not very good. I have bought scallops from them that were pretty stinky when i got them home and i have bought mussels which approximately 70% of did not open when cooked.

      You can find amazing live scallops in the shell at Pacific Fish downtown or you can get good, FRESH scallops usually at Santa Monica Seafood. Yes, you pay more, but when it comes to seafood, i find that you get what you pay for .

    2. Think I saw an ad in today's LA times for dry pack scallops at Henry's Markets for $7.99/pound.
      I've never been to one of their markets.

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      1. re: monku

        Re-read the ad, did not say drypack but previously frozen.

      2. The chef at Barbrix told me they are available at Fish King in Glendale. However he buys wholesale from them.

        I'm looking myself so I'll watch this thread.

        1. Fresh & Easy stores usually stock a few packages of fresh never frozen scallops. Find out what time the store's daily shipment arrives.

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            I'll call Fish King and F&E, though I fear "fresh never frozen" doesn't necessarily mean they haven't been soaked in that nasty chemical TSP we've been warned about.

            1. re: Cubancoffee

              Details or link on the TSP, please? Googling now, but I haven't heard about this...

              1. re: thursday

                It's a chemical they use to treat seafood like scallops with that makes them retain water so they'll weigh more when the customer buys them.
                Google "scallops TSP"

                1. re: monku

                  It was the TSP that made it hard for me to find - I kept getting recipes that called for tsp measurements. If annoying else cares to search, the acronym for the chemical is actually STP and brings up lots of information. Very disappointed in my local grocer who I'm sure sells soaked scallops, but now know why I have never once been able to cook them well at home - they always get watery, shrink, and taste just so-so. Boo on the scallop industry.

                2. re: thursday

                  Non dry pack scallops don't really fry ... they steam in the massive amount of moisture coming from the scallops. In fact I'm convinced grocery store meat also suffers this problem.

                  The only way around it is to bread your scallops with flour or crumbs. But if you don't want to do that ...

            2. In my first reply to this post, still best option for poster is Costco. Read article at link provided in that post to learn the story on STP and dry pack.

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              1. re: DWB

                Thanks, I knew the STP story already from the celebrity chefs who advise me on scallop shopping. That's why I was looking for the dry-pack. Costco is such a madhouse, but it sounds like it's the only dependable option.

                1. re: Cubancoffee

                  And what was the result of the phone call to Fresh & Easy?

                  1. re: mlgb

                    I stopped by the F&E closest to my house today and grilled the manager, who assured me their scallops are dry-pack. They are a bit smaller than what you might find in a restaurant, but aren't swimming in that accursed chemical. What a relief. We're going to have some this weekend. Thanks for the rec!