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Dinner in Cobble Hill

jeeg Jan 26, 2011 12:04 PM

We're meeting people for drinks in Cobble Hill and wanted to go somewhere with good food for dinner afterwards within walking distance. I dont care if its causal or more formal as long as the food is good. Any suggestions?

  1. Puppimus Jan 27, 2011 11:54 AM

    One of the very best restaurants in the area is just one block west, on Court Street and Baltic: Brucie.


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    1. re: Puppimus
      fishermb Jan 28, 2011 10:50 AM

      I will absolutely agree with Brucie, it's me+wife's favorite restaurant in the neighborhood and we eat there or take out every week.

      For Japanese/Sushi, Hibino is the best and most interesting. Prime Meats is great for just that. Lucali's is the best pizza but be prepared for a long wait at normal dinner time.

      333 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

      575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

      Prime Meats
      465 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

    2. Bob Martinez Jan 27, 2011 09:01 AM

      Chestnut is a great option for well made New American. It's only a few blocks from Clover Club. Nice ambiance, well priced for food of that quality. Unlike a number of other places mentioned on this thread, you can actually get a reservation.

      CH threads here - http://www.chow.com/search?query=chestnut&board_name=Outer+Boroughs&search_board_id=19&type=Topic&from_date=&board_parent=&search_board_id_btn=19&from_date_select=&user_name=&post_title=&search_board_id_btn_pop=19&sort_mode=best_match&recipe_source=

      Restaurant website here - http://www.chestnutonsmith.com/

      1. b
        Bkeats Jan 27, 2011 08:05 AM

        What do you consider walking distance especially in this weather? The suggestions so far are a hike. You can walk but if its cold and slippery, it will feel like forever. I'll suggest Sue Perrete for french, Char for fancy bar food or Seersucker for Southern though the last one is a bit further.

        1. s
          SpiceJunkies Jan 27, 2011 04:18 AM

          I think my favorite in the hood is Prime Meats on Court. There really are many options in that area. Sam's for a one of a kind pizza experience, Mile's End, Buttermilk channel, Lucali's...

          575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          Prime Meats
          465 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

          1. a
            adamandeve Jan 26, 2011 12:15 PM

            where are you having drinks? there are a hundred options in cobble hill

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            1. re: adamandeve
              jeeg Jan 26, 2011 12:26 PM

              Clover Club on Smith.

              Clover Club
              210 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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