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Jan 26, 2011 11:44 AM

Sushi Yaro

Went with a friend and thought I'd mention this place as it fills a niche. Grilled fish, kushiyaki, beef/chicken bowls, sushi rolls, udon, and a lot of other standard Japanese fare. Excellent. Their beef bowl is a loss leader at $3 and quite good - korean style marination.

I can't get enough Japanese/Asian food, so between Okan, Oton, and Yakyudori ramen for lunch I'm fitting this in the 4th slot of my rotation. Sakura is also quite a good choice.

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  1. Is there anything unique/outstanding at Sushi Yaro? I've looked at the menu before but never tried it. Nothing on there seems too exciting, seems like the standard fare that can be found at any other japanese place on Convoy.

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      I liked their beef bowl and kushiyaki, and agedashi. For kushiyaki, none of the other places on Convoy do it well for lunch (best places are dinner), and haven't found another place in Convoy that does good agedashi (usually I get it at Kaito which is really good).

      My current situation is I can go to Convoy for lunch but not dinner lol.

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        It's the new restaurant run by Sammy of Sammy's Sushi fame. He's always done decent sushi - if not Kaito quality. A cut above your standard place, I suspect, but I've only been to Yaro once, so I can't say more. Both Kirk and Cathy have had good experiences there.

      2. where is Sushi Yaro on Convoy?

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          (Map and address, etc when you click on "contact us"


          On Engineer, 2nd block East from Convoy

        2. Glad to see Sushi Yaro getting some love on the board. A great regular (as in frequent, not as in average) sushi spot for those who can't afford to hit Kaito on the daily :-). Solid sushi and Sammy is a blast. I really enjoy the poke there.