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Jan 26, 2011 11:32 AM

pizza on Collins Ave Miami Beach

Any good pizza around Collins Ave in Miami Beach? Also, would appreciate recs for best pizza delivery restaurant.

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  1. Primo Pizza
    Pucci Pizza

    And next time, don't refer the area as Collins Ave unless if you also mention an intersection since it's a long avenue that goes beyond South Beach but I'm going to assume you meant around South Beach.

    South Beach Cafe
    121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    Primo Pizza
    100 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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      Oh sorry, we are renting for the month of Feb.......................We are at Collins and 65th ST.

      Thanks in advance

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        There is 24 hour pizza delivery from Venezia Pizza 6650 Collins but you are definitely close enough to walk over and get it in a flash! Order = (305) 868-2267

        Stop by and get a takeout menu with discount coupons. The pizza is puffy (not thick not thin) crusted and we usually order a large plain, fire up the over to 450, head over and pick one up and then doctor it with toppings (tomato slices+ meat + spices) and finish off the baking for a few minutes at home. With pizza I like it to be MOLTEN hot lava or cold for breakfast.

        : )

        Nearby, hit Athen's Juice bar near 71 street for delicious fresh fruit salads and juices, Buenos Aires for sweet pastries and empanadas, Prima Pasta for light Italian fare and some of the small ethnic eateries along Collins at 71-75 street like Sazon Cuban.

        The Publix bakery at 68th sells fresh pizza dough if you want to DIY.


        Prima Pasta Cafe
        414 NW 71st St, Miami, FL 33150

    2. It is by no means exceptional in any way, but our standard North Beach delivery pizza is from Che Soprano on 71st St. at Normandy Circle. We'll often get the fugazza, which is an Argentine-style white pizza topped with sautéed onions and ham.

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        Weekend Update from my e-mailbox via UrbanDiddy:

        I Love Pizza Now Open -> > Billed as "Authentic NY Pizza" so I guess you have to fold it (or just be prepared to pay $14-$18 a pie)

        Your truffle pizza intake: dangerously low. Here to correct the balance: this shiny new pizza bar in North Beach. The chef from the W South Beach is the man behind the pies, which are made with Homestead tomatoes and organic flour. Go for the Uptown with truffle carpaccio or the Brooklyn with fontina cheese and pepperoni.

        I Love Pizza, 7105 Collins Ave, 786-439-3969