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Any suggestions where to get high end appliances in Los Angeles?!

hello guys,

I live in west side of los angeles and would like to know if any of you have any suggestions as to where to purchase high end appliances?

I have read tons, tons of horrific review about Universal Appliances in Studio city and all the pacific sales locations in regards to their bad customer services and delivery.

Lots of fake 5 star review as well..

I am baffled and not sure where to go!

If you have any suggestion please let me know! thanks so much!!!!


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  1. One place is Pacific Sales: http://www.pacificsales.com/index.php

    Another potential place for you is the Great Indoors in Burbank: http://www.thegreatindoors.com/

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      Just as an FYI, the Great Indoors is part of the Sears Family. Anything they have in their showroom should be available from Sears. I think the Great Indoors has more of the higher end items on display in their showroom, but any Sears should be able to order and deliver whatever item you choose.

    2. In 2003 we bought from Snyder-Diamond in Pasadena. But as I recall, their after sales service was not a bright spot. http://www.snyderdiamond.com/

      Some of the high end European manufacturers have their own distributors, but I don't think most of them have direct outlets here.

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        As I recall, Snyder Diamond has no staff of their own for installations, but have a list of "approved" contractors. This may or may not be exactly how it works now, but the guy who installed our gas cooktop in 2000 made an ungodly mess (for reasons we have no room here to discuss) that he saw no reason to clean up, and left the cooking surface far from level. Their factory warranty work was rather perfunctory, too. This was a recommendation from Pa-in-law, and one of his few duds, though I think his previous dealings with them had been in the '60s.

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          Now that you mention it, I think Pacific Sales does not do delivery and installs but instead has a recommended contractor.

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            I don't think most places these days have their own staff. Everyone contracts out. At least that was our experience when we were shopping around.

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              That fact would tend to lean me more towards an outfit like Sears, which does have its own delivery, installation and repair people. The alternative, though perhaps one which would take time and cost money, would be to find craftspeople you could trust and use them for these tasks.

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                We used Sears for our washer, dryer and fridge. We were happy with the pricing, delivery and installation. We've used Sears for our last three washer/dryers over the past few decades. But Sears' selection of ranges and prices left a lot to be desired.

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                  While their Great Indoors http://www.thegreatindoors.com/ store didn't have Wolf or Viking they had an incredibly wide variety of ranges (and counter tops and sinks and anything else you could think of for your kitchen).

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                    Yeah, we looked there too. We were hoping to do everything at Sears since we had a long family history with them and were always happy with their products and service. I looked long and hard for something to fit my needs at an acceptable price. But I admit I did have some very specific thoughts about what I wanted from a range and price in mind. I actually was staying away from Wolf and Viking since I didn't care for the price to quality ratio, not to mention the reports I read on the models that interested me. In the end, I was happy with my American Range. It's been a few years and I'm still very happy with my decision.

        2. Bay Cites Kitchen Appliances, in Santa Monica and West Hollywood.

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            I have purchased 2 fridge/freezers, 2 dishwashers and a clothes washer and dryer from Will Farsat at Bay Cities on Beverly Blvd. I check online and at retailers like Pacific Sales to decide what I want and what their prices are. Then I buy from Bay Cities where they have always given me a better price! They did look confused when I tried to get them to throw in a Godmother with Hot Pepper Salad though!

          2. It may seem counter intuitive, but some times you can get good deals at Sears. And of course, there's Lowe's, Costco, et al.

            1. it seems that there are not much to choose from.
              Pacific sale also has bad reviews about their customer service and delivery time. Snyder does not carry Viking; Bay city in weho is closing...universal is just full of lairs based on the review..

              what is going on?!....

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                You have to remember that those who have good experience with the business they deal with don't (for the most part) ever share that on the Internet. So you getting a very incorrect exaggerated idea of what the normal experience that most people have with these places is like.

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                  yes, i understand. But when ALL the negative reviews are evolving with the exact same issues that tell me something about the quality of their service.

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                    I've been satisfied with the several items bought from Pacific Sales over the years. What grates about PS is the add-ons. You get a good price, but delivery, haul away, the additional hose it turns out you need are all extra.

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                  I bought Viking range from Snyder. Here is what they carry in Viking:

                3. We bought our American Range at Snyder in Santa Monica. Was happy with the service, the delivery and hookup went very smooth.

                  1. bought my HD TV from Pacific Sales and could not be happier. They are owned by Best Buy, and can get the best prices. Mine was from the Woodland Hills store.
                    Price, selection, service and delivery was exactly as anticipated.
                    Not sure Universal in Studio City is even still in business. Might want to check first.
                    Waadt Appliances on sherman way in van nuys does a very good job on appliances, yet not sure how high end they carry.

                    1. We bought our 48" Wolf range from Pacific Sales and it was the only place we could find the 48" hood to go over it. We also bought our Fisher & Pykel double drawer dishwasher and a refrigerator from them at the same time. They delivered all the items when scheduled and they even installed the range into the spot where it went eventhough it was a very tight squeeze. The rest were installed by people whose names were on the list PS provided to us. We've never had a problem dealing with them.

                      1. There's Carlsons - they had the fastest delivery when our fridge died right before Christmas. Bay Cities is also good. Snyder Diamond's prices are higher than most, I've found.

                        1. Snyder Diamond does a fair amount of business in the Westside on what you're looking for. Pacific Sales (now owned by Best Buy) does have a sales area in the West LA Best Buy, but I don't think they're displaying any of their high end lines there - you'd be better off going to the Torrance showroom - it's huge. We've had good luck at both in terms of price, service and installation.

                          1. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Pacific Sales. Good prices, knowledgeable sales staff, no pressure, easy delivery... I have had to hire my own installers, but that would be expected.

                            1. because Best Buy owns pacific sales, i was able to buy my stuff through them AND buy their 5 year extended warranty to go with.
                              for dishwashers, especially, i would always buy an extended warranty.
                              have already "made my money back" and then some.

                              1. Waadt uses outside contractors for their installations. I had good luck with the purchase of a dishwasher, quick delivery and installation, but both store and site were in Van Nuys, other areas might not be so quick.

                                Only purchase at Pacific (Burbank location) was a "bathroom appliance" . Sales was fine, delivery and install were DIY, so I can;t comment on theirs.

                                Snyder Diamond seems to have a lot of 'tude, but maybe that's because I wasn't looking for expensive stuff.

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                                  The American Range we got was on the low end of their offerings but the Santa Monica location was very friendly the multiple times we dropped in while doing research.

                                  As an aside, I've loved my American Range and think it's a great value compared to the name brands like Viking, etc. I did a lot of research before purchase. American was also very responsive the couple of times I called them up directly with a question.

                                2. Anyone had experience with Universal Appliances in Studio City?

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                                    They have a very good showroom with a lot of high end examples of various appliances. I found the salesman we dealt with to be quite patient and knowledgeable. Prices seemed in the ballpark for the Wolf range we are looking to buy. Haven't actually bought yet so how they actually "execute" is anybody's guess. I would encourage you to check them out.

                                  2. I used both Universal Appliances and Sears for back-to-back house renovations we did 3 years ago.

                                    I thought Universal was terrific, and I did exhaustive comparison shopping, including Snyder Diamond and Pacific Sales. I had to postpone delivery a couple of times of a washer and dryer because of construction delays and it was never a problem—I just made sure I talked to the same sales guy every time. Installation was perfect. And I like the simplicity of their warranty program.

                                    Sears is fine for mid-range appliances. But delivery takes longer, their warranty program is expensive and heaven help you if you need fast service or parts replaced.

                                    1. We've always experienced excellent prices and service at Pacific Sales in Torrance. On a busy weekend day, you may have to wait a while to talk to someone, but they know what they are talking about. For a big remodel several years ago we got refrigerator, dishwasher, kitchen sink and hardware, jacuzzi tub, all toilet, sink and shower pieces, including fixtures. I can't say that the Plumbtrim line, while attractive, worked very well, but we still have it. For a second bathroom remodel we got everything there as well as a 52 inch Samsung LCD which I thought was the best price in town at the time. They delivered, they took returns and gave refunds, they know their products.

                                      1. http://www.mdappliances.com/ In Pasadena
                                        Dan has been in the appliance trade for many years. Many of the appliances I bought are fair traded so getting a discount is impossible if you want to go with a reputable dealer. Check them out! I purchased Viking Pro, Thermador, Kitchen Aid all from them.

                                        1. We just finished a gut job remodel of our kitchen and bought all our appliances from Absolute Appliances. They are family owned and will price-match. Edward was really knowledgeable and never tried to give me the hard sell. He gave me the prices and then let me go out and see if I could do better. I couldn't.