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Jan 26, 2011 10:27 AM

Accomodation for special medical diets in Baltimore

I'm having a family dinner in Baltimore this Friday, and we have two people on special diets. One needs no added salt, the other is on a temporary low-iodine diet, so no egg yolks, no fish, no iodized salt, limited meat...

Does anyone know of restaurants in the area that have been especially accomodating and careful for people with special dietary needs?

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  1. No salt is going to be tough. You might look for some vegetarian/vegan-friendly restaurants (Great Sage in Clarksville is the only one that comes to mind) and ask if they can accommodate, but you may end up cooking at home. Even going for Italian would be out - egg yolk possible in pasta, salt in cooking water & sauce. It would be hard for any restaurant to say if iodized salt was used in products they've purchased (chicken broth, for example) since labels will list salt but will not say if it was iodized or not.

    1. Feast at 4 East might be a good bet for you. They're good with dietary restrictions (emphasis on vegan/vegetarian) and the kitchen doesn't use a lot of salt in anything. They're small enough that you can mention your restrictions at the beginning of the meal and not worry about the kitchen forgetting them in a flurry of tickets. A block north of the monument in Mount Vernon.