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Jan 26, 2011 10:10 AM

Buffalo Bills Chicken Wing Sauce

Does anyone know this recipe or have a suggestion as to what is in their hot sauce?

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  1. Use your favorite Louisiana Hot Sauce along with melted butter or margerine.....You can add heat with peppers or Cayenne.

    1. Suggestion: Frank's Red Hot (a sauce available at all grocery stores), melted margarine, white vinegar (optional)

      I worked at a well-known wing place here in the early 90's, and that's how the sauces were made. More margarine in the milder sauce, less in the hot. The suicide-type wings have either Sambal (chili paste) or crushed chilies in them as well.

      1. All the sauces that Buffalo Bill's uses are straight out of a jar. I was there once and saw into the back and they use a brand called E.D. Smith. It is a brand I have used at a restaurant I worked at. I have never seen them in stores but you can buy them through a restaurant supply company should you know someone in the restaurant business.

        1. WOW!!!, thanks for the reply's. A BIG HELP!

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            E.D. Smith as a brand is sold in grocery stores particularly as pure pumpkin and some canned fruit for pies.

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              I have never seen the sauces that we used or that Buffalo Bill's uses for that matter sold in stores is what I meant

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                Do what C70 said but add a can of tomato sauce and use butter instead of margarine, added vinegar is not needed as Franks already has enough.

                Hey C70, where did you work?

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                    Ha, which location I used to eat there often.

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                        lol….I get you, no need to make it public. I knew quite a few people that worked there too.

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                          All I can say is Hot Louis - miss em!

          2. Sweet i found a way to buy the E.d Smith sauce. im gonna try the Saucemaker Northern Heat Cayen as i guess this would be the one. will update once im able to get my hands on this

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              This may take a bit as its not available in quebec

                1. re: reelection

                  Tried it, it wasnt buffalo bills, good sauce but not even close

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                    im pretty sure its not the one you tried but its actually this one im trying it soon.

                    1. re: zboymoney

                      not sure buffalo bills uses an asian recipe. i know all their wins start of with the medium sauce then the desired heat. tried all suggestions, except ed smith asian, if u tried buffalo bills wings you know theres something special, i need this recipe. alibi wings were good too from chateauguay

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                          Sorry for not replying, but i didnt try this because as you can see by the picture it is not the same consistancy. This year i plan on applying for a job there and will release the secret but only privately to some of guys like rymcty by email dont want to ruin their business cause i love them.

                            1. re: catroast

                              Now that's determination ZBOY. Not sure they give out their recipe anymore, they probably get their sauce premade nowadays. best of luck. I've been searching for more that 10 years haha