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Lunch on Montana - Tomorrow

Enorah Jan 26, 2011 09:53 AM


17th street Cafe?
Cafe Montana?

How about Huckleberry Cafe?
I know it's on Wilshire, but close enough
Too noisy?

This is lunch with my mother and a couple of
other relatives

Casual is better

Cafe Montana
1534 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

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  1. cgfan Jan 26, 2011 10:03 AM

    A nice walk to Caffe Luxxe after lunch would be a nice way to cap the meal... (They're right on Montana between 9th and 10th...)

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    1. re: cgfan
      Enorah Jan 26, 2011 12:15 PM

      cgrfan, hi :)
      Nice to c you
      do you have a preference there for lunch?

      1. re: Enorah
        cgfan Jan 26, 2011 01:15 PM

        Hi Enorah! Great to see you here...

        Sorry, but I don't have any lunch recs for the area. But looks like you're getting some good feedback from the locals!

    2. w
      whatsfordinner Jan 26, 2011 11:27 AM

      Of the three you listed, my choice would be Huckleberry, but it is noisy. R+D Kitchen on Montana is another option.

      1. y
        yogachik Jan 26, 2011 12:01 PM

        R+D Kitchen is where to go, without a doubt. The only other options on the street are Kreation, but it can get cramped, and Rosti which can be very good. Via Portofino fits the bill, but is pricy.

        Huckleberry is a nightmare at lunchtime.

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        1. re: yogachik
          Servorg Jan 26, 2011 12:08 PM

          When you say "The only other options on the street are Kreation" does that mean that Blue Plate is gone?


          Blue Plate
          1415 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

          1. re: Servorg
            yogachik Jan 26, 2011 02:52 PM

            I find Blue Plate to be totally bland and uninteresting. Locals seem to like it, but I don't. It's also loud and the tables are too close together. Service is spotty, too.

            I meant the only other *good* options worth considering.

        2. Phurstluv Jan 26, 2011 01:24 PM

          Totally agree with yogachik on all counts.

          1. m
            maudies5 Jan 26, 2011 04:00 PM

            GIven that you are a party of 4, I suggest Cafe Montana. Nice variety from which to choose. I think they make a wonderful Cobb Salad and I love that dish with the Lithuanian dumplings.
            Huckleberry is far too stressful at lunch and good luck getting a table for 4.
            Blue Plate is not very good, and I agree that tables are way too close (except when Patrick Dempsey is at the next table:)
            R&D is good, albeit the menu is quite limited. Still, good food, nice service and nice ambiance.

            Blue Plate
            1415 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

            Cafe Montana
            1534 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403

            1. f
              fdb Jan 26, 2011 08:53 PM

              Nice lunch suggestions above but skip dessert and head over to Sweet Lady Jane on 17th & Montana for some divine cakes and pastries.


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              1. re: fdb
                baloney Jan 27, 2011 06:36 AM

                I've not had a good experience with SLJ on Montana. Service was decent enough but the prices! and for such ware...The banana cream "tart" was the soggiest, most disgusting thing I've had in recent dessert memory and the cheesecake(I forget what it was called) was edible and large but certainly not special and still expensive.

              2. Enorah Feb 2, 2011 09:25 PM

                Thank you everyone for your help. We had lunch at R & D Kitchen. It was very good, even with the small menu

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