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Jan 26, 2011 08:56 AM

Daryl Wine Bar - New Brunswick - CLOSED

Daryl Wine Bar abruptly closed this week. If you call the restaurant they say it is closed for renovations. I know first hand that this is not true.

Daryl Wine Bar & Restaurant
302 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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  1. That's a shame. First Soho on George and now Daryl Wine Bar. Admittedly I hadn't returned to Daryl since they disassociated with Chef Drake and changed their menu concept (small plates to more conventional dining). A major loss nonetheless.

    Daryl Wine Bar & Restaurant
    302 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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    1. re: bgut1

      total bummer. I enjoyed the small plates when they had them and really enjoyed the ability to have small wine tastings. sigh.

      1. re: bgut1

        It is too bad in a couple of ways -- As a wine bar they were great (at least the last time I went). I'm one of the people who stopped going once they abandoned the small plates and took a more conventional approach. After the change I felt it wasn't a very good deal for the price, and I'm occasionally willing to pay a fair amount for a fine dining experience. I understand that they felt the need for a direction change, but I know others who agree with me that the specific changes they made were detrimental.

        Let's just hope that the remaining high end (and upper middle) places in New Brunswick weather this storm.

        1. re: Tiamat

          When it had David Drake and small plates, it was one of the few New Brunswick restaurants I enjoyed going to. It is sad how the poor economy has taken its toll of the restaurants in New Brunswick.

      2. This was a great restaurant, but we haven't been in quite sometime. Not surprising though in this economy as I would have to guess their rent was expensive. I'm guessing they closed the wine shop as well? -mJ

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        1. re: njfoodies

          Sign On the door mentions renovations???

          1. re: kizabrat77

            They may be renovating the restaurant to open up as something else with a new owner. Daryl Wine Bar is no more.

            Daryl Wine Bar & Restaurant
            302 George Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

        2. Went there twice, both for birthdays. First time was when it was newly opened and had small plates. Fantastic service, food, and servers very knowledgeable and helpful with wine/food pairing/suggestions. Liked it so much returned the following year for another birthday. Big disappointment. The server was new and had absolutely no clue on what kind of wines to suggest with our food. He tried to ask the advice of a more experienced employee there, but that just resulted in a long wait time, and our food getting cold because we had no wine to go with it. For those prices and how much they pride themselves on being a wine bar, there is no way they should have let that server out on the floor on a busy Saturday night. Would never return unless there were some major positive changes. I guess there are many more who feel the same way.

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          1. re: sharandmike

            I hope it is ressurected. Under the gudiance of David Drake the menu started off well. But it stagnated to a degree, then abandoned the Tapas program in favor of traditional plating. That said, I enjoyed the bar and extensive wine offerings.

            With all the investment in decor and wine apparatus, I would hope that it can continue to offer the exentseive wine menu in its next incarnation.

            I enjoyed being able to sample a number of choices as opposed to having to buy a bottle or be limited to glass pour offerings as is the case at other New Brusnwick establishments.

          2. New Jersey Monthly on the 15th August had an interview with Zod Arifai (Restaurant Blu in Montclare) saying he had taken over operation of Daryl

            There appears to be a lot more people in there when I have been passing the past few weeks, so it would appear the posting *today* on their Facebook page (which is live again) that they will be opening soon could be true...

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            1. re: vowelgirl

              I hope they go back to the original concept. Small plates, so you can match the wines to the food.When David Drake was running the restaurant, with the original concept, it was my favorite in New Brunswick

              1. re: BigGeorge

                I wouldn't be surprised if they did with a twist - they never seemed to have much in the line of steak! Seems a funny thing to say but with the Heldrich and it's expense account guests(!), you do wonder if Daryl's would have been busier with a few additions like that.

                It certainly was very quiet at times towards the end and you do have to wonder how long the backers would pump money in with no return...