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Jan 26, 2011 08:40 AM

50th birthday lunch

ISO a good place in YYC for a nice lunch to take my mom for her 50th.
Something that will accommodate for a vegan.

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  1. The Coup is one fo the best vegetarian restos you'll ever visit. Might not be "50th b-day 'nice'" though.

    There is probably not one upscale resto in town that can't accommodate a vegan btw.

    1. The Coup would be great except they don't take reservations. If you plan to show up right when they open, you'll be fine.

      Gratitude Cafe is another vegan option but it's not exactly fancy.

      Famoso Pizza in Mission offers vegan cheese, salads and I'm pretty sure their crusts are vegan.

      1. My friend went to Petite for dinner and they made her a great vegetarian dinner. I would call and ask if they would do the same for lunch. Pretty little restaurant...