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Jan 26, 2011 07:58 AM

Wang Xia in Verdun

Has anyone tried the dumplings from Wang Xia at 4353 Rue Wellington in Verdun? They have become my favorite place for dumplings They are yummy and the wrapper is about half as thick as the one at Lotus Blue, but it's the same price (3.99 an order) and in my opinion, they taste much much better than Lotus Blue. Plus, they are close to my daughter's daycare :)

They only have about 4 types of dumpling, a tiny buffet and a very limited menu. I've tried all 4 types of dumplings and the only ones I did not like were the celery/pork dumplings which had too much celery for me, but that's probably because I don't like celery at all. I have not yet gone there at a meal time to try anything else that they make, I usually just show up at odd times, say hi to the nice lady who makes them and buy frozen dumplings to cook later.

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  1. Stick with the dumplings. They are indeed quite good even though I still prefer the ones at Lotus Bleu. I've tried the food from the steam table and it's nothing special. At $4 for three choice plus rice it's a good deal, but the quality and flavour is just so-so.

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