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Jan 26, 2011 07:22 AM

Breslin tonight - recommends or recent menu specials? Thoughts on sweet breads

Finally going tonight, dont know why we put it off so long.

Any recs on recent specials? Otherwise what are your favorite dishes. How are the sweetbreads? I've only had them once or twice elsewhere. What is the preperation at Breslin?

thanks all.

The Breslin
20 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

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  1. The burger is my ultimate favorite and a must-try for your first time. The sweetbreads are newer to the menu, but I'd imagine they're just as good as anything else. It's one of my favorite spots; you really can't go wrong. Seafood sausage is great too.

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      Agreed, the lamb burger with thrice-cooked chips and the seafood sausage are very successful dishes. If you enjoy chicken liver, you should definitely consider ordering the chicken liver parfait with madeira jelly.

      1. re: sheio

        Thanks guys. I'm looking forward to the burger, hope my Luger's lunch is still sitting in my tonight.

      2. re: loratliff

        Agreed abot the seafood sausage and lamb burger. However the single best thing on the menu is the lamb ribs. They are incredible.

        Oh yea - avoid the pigs foot.

      3. The pigs foot is amazing!!! If it is not on the menu, just ask. With an order of thrice cooked chips on the side, you will be well satisfied!!!

        1. For what it's worth... The Breslin may have its high points, but I thought the sweetbreads were overfried, thus destroying all the funk that is the whole point of sweetbreads.

          I was a big fan of the scrumpets, though.

          The Breslin
          20 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001

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          1. re: sappidus

            The burger, hands down my favorite. Yes, over Minetta Tavern's Black Label Burger. Their cookie board isn't bad either

            Minetta Tavern
            113 MacDougal St, New York, NY 10012

          2. I just lost a huge post with details on each item when the browser crashed. In short summation:

            Fried peanuts - skip
            Beef Stilton pie - Great app, small, delicious. Reccommend
            Chips - Good bar starter
            Sweetbreads - not as luscious as I espected but nice spongy soft. Good, but I'd try other thing before ordering it again
            Seafood Sausage - Fantastic. Moist and soft inside like a weisswurst. Not overpowerinly spiced. I expected something like gator sausage, but not at all. This is a must
            Lamb Burger - as good as they say. We ordered a second one after sharing all the above. Just get it. I dont go in for burgers at nice places, when I've been at minetta I saved up for the steak, same at Lugers et al. But this was so great. Garnished with red onions and a piece of feta. I'd eat it for breakfast right now.

            All in all a great meal, fun atmosphere, excellent service. This was the night of the snowstorm and we had nothing to do so a long wait was fine. Got there an hour early before the other 2 friends could join us. Was told a 2 hour wait, but with an hour before others would get there we were happy to order drinks. Also, I never believe a 2 hour wait is really a 2 hour wait, but this time I was proven wrong, especially considering the storm. But it was still jammed.

            We got drunk and were happy to be there but I can't tell you how awful the host is. I'll describe him. Late 30s white male, approx 5'10" a bit portly, short brown hair. Incredibly condescending in the most subtle way. 32 years in NYC, never experienced this. I'd prefer someone to be outright rude and tell me not to bother waiting. After an hour of waiting our last friend was outside having a smoke before she came in. I said she was arrived and asked how much longer. He "cant make an estimate without her present". I said she was outside finishing a cigarette, he said it was impossible. Now annoyed I asked him hypothetically if she was standing here in front of you could you give a round estimate and of course it was just impossible. 30 seconds later I say hi and to her and he tells me another hour. He did all this with such subtlety and calm I think he expresses disdain through osmosis. This was after we said we were happy to wait 2 hours, had ordered wine and appetizers and 2 rounds of cocktails. The hostess who took his place when hye stepped away were both great and after a couple drinks when I mentioned his attitude she knowingly shook her head in agreement. I mentioned the same to the waiter and he knew exactly what I meant. I want to say our waiter and the waitress at the bar were both very friendly and welcoming.

            Anyway it was a great time fantastic meal and I love the setting. Good place to hang at and walk out into 2 feet of snow at midnight on a school night drunk and stuffed.

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            1. re: 2slices

              Glad you liked the food... I should've mentioned the peanuts in one of my prior posts, as they're a definite skip in my opinion too.

              (I can never eat more than half of that burger, so I can tell you from experience that it is amazing from breakfast on the day after!)

            2. Went last night and ordered a lot of the recs here. Was fully prepared for a heavy meat-fest, but found to my great surprise that the dish that moved me most was the French onion soup with bone marrow. I know, weird, right? Mostly French onion soup is boring to me once you eat all the nice cheesy stuff on top. But this was HEAVENLY. Dark, sexy, dense and flavourful--umami overload. The best thing I've eaten in a long time.
              The rabbit terrine was also amazing. Headcheese and gamehen terrines good too.
              Agree on the seafood sausage--it sounds not very exciting, but it's made with scallops and shrimp and maybe crab and other things, and the hint of lemony sauce complements it perfectly.
              The scrumpets and the sweetbreads were good--yes you must be prepared for them to be very fried, but the accompaniments with both were excellent (especially the variant on mint sauce with the scrumpets).
              The lamb burger, surprisingly, didn't move me as much as others on this board. But maybe I was too full by then. Maybe next time I'll just get the soup and a burger. I'll be back for the soup for sure.
              FYI: went on Sunday night, there were some tables free all the time from 5.30pm till 8pm.

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              1. re: chowbie

                I love the French onion soup but the bone marrow prep is entirely too rich for me to have on a regular basis. But yes, I do agree with your description!

                Recently, I've enjoyed the sweetbreads and scallops, but the real home run lately has been the oxtail and beef tongue with ramp fritto. Seriously just beyond words. (If you love the French onion soup, you'll love this dish too.)