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Jan 26, 2011 04:58 AM

Please help! Romantic restaurant in Paris for marriage proposal?

Hi guys.

I am surprising my girlfriend with a trip to Paris in a couple of weeks. I want to go to a really romantic restaurant for dinner and propose to her. I think she would prefer somewhere charming and with a lot of character, rather than some Michelin starred venue with a celebrity chef and exorbitant prices.

"Chez Julien" is a favourite of ours, but I would like to try somewhere new. I have read about "Le Coupe-Chou" which looks like it could be good. "Les Ambassadeurs" also sounds good, although not sure about the location?

In terms of cost, I don't mind spending a bit of money, I am thinking up to approx Euros 200 (although I can go higher if it is a truly special place).

Can I please have some suggestions? Your help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Somewhere close to your hotel/apartment. She won't notice the food and you'll both want to get home.

    Seriously, if <"Chez Julien" is a favourite of ours>, then maybe it's the perfect place for the proposal. You know she likes it.

    Be sure and have someone take your picture. And, be sure to tell us all about it afterward or we'll bother you for months. A year ago we must of made 50 posts to guy worried about his proposal and the guy never reported! We think she said, "NO!" and flew off with a German.

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      "Seriously, if <"Chez Julien" is a favourite of ours>, then maybe it's the perfect place for the proposal. You know she likes it."

      Agreed. Go where you both are comfortable and happy. You're bringing the romance with you, not depending on the surrounds. :)

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        Ditto on going to your favorite! Save the new place for the NEXT evening. ;)

    2. if you want something other than Julien I would suggest Pre Catlan. IMO the most romantic place in Paris.

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        Thanks Jock. How much would you expect to pay for 2 people at Pre Catlan? It looks very nice, but I have read reviewers talking about spending Euros 600 for a meal there...

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          Brasseries like 'Julien' tend to be sort of noisy and not much room between the tables.

          You can read 'La carte' of Le Precatalan' here. Prices are mentioned.

          Les Ambassadeurs would be my choice (a stunning room), lunch menu being almost a bargain (68 Euro). It's located in the Hotel Crillon, Place de la Concorde. A lot easier to get there compared to Le Precatalan.

          Have a look at Le Coupe-Chou, ok, a cozy sort of resto. But really, you can't compare it with Le Precatalan or Les Ambassadeurs which are truly classy places.

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            Pré Catelan, romantic indeed.
            And please: Pré Catelan, not Catlan, not Catalan.
            On this board only Pti and Soup spell it right.

      2. Le Coupe Chou is old and rustic, so I suppose that could be romantic, in a way. Zagat gives it a 23 food rating; I suggest a 12 to 14 food rating would be more accurate. Given your budget, take a look at the Bar Vendome or Sumday brunch at the Ritz.

        1. Thanks for the input guys - much appreciated...some good ideas here!

          1. The food isn't good enough to merit mention on Chowhound, but the atmosphere can't be beat at le Chalet des Iles. You take a little ferry across the lake to get there, it's all lit up and twinkly, and you can sit on the terrace in nice weather. It's Paris's answer to Tavern on the Green. The food isn't bad, it's more like what you might be served at a wedding.

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              There are two Chalet des Iles, on two opposite corners of Paris. Which one do you mean?
              One has terrible food.
              One has ok food - sounds like the Chalet Silviyo mentions above - but was burned down in early summer. Has it reopened?
              This is the one with non-terrible food:
              In fat I saw a marriage propoal last time I was there.