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Jan 26, 2011 04:18 AM

My new LC 7.25 french oven question

I FINALLY received my new Caribbean Blue LC french oven. What a beauty.
Seems to be in fine shape. Though in examining the enamel finish on the lid, I do see some areas where the color is a bit thin. I can see black showing through. Mostly on the raised lettering of Le Creuset. The finish is nice and smooth, so it won't be a problem. It just seems like if the coloring isn't even, that it might would have went to an LC outlet, instead of my house.
Oh well, that is the risk of ordering.

Anyway, my question is about the rim of the pot and lid. It seems to be unfinished. So will it rust? LC does not mention any care that is needed to the rims. Such as baking on a seasoning coat or two. Maybe it is a finish of some sort that I can't see or feel?

I know the inside of my mini pot is black and rough as if it is unfinished. But it is finished.

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  1. I bought a caribbean saucepan, and the letters on the lid were black, as if the glaze didn't take. I returned it. All the saucepans looked the same. I can't remember now if I looked at any other pieces in caribbean.

    I have only one piece with a lid in a light color, kiwi. It does not have the black showing through the letters.

    All of the rims look this way. They used to rust, but I understand everything is dishwasher-safe now, so maybe they're treated in a way we can't see, but which keeps rust from forming. I wash mine by hand, and don't let the water come all the way up when I soak them. The people at LC will know for sure.

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    1. re: Jay F

      the black around the rim and anywhere else you see it is actually the base coat of enamel not the actual cast iron surface.

      1. re: MOSFET

        oh good, then I won't worry about the rims rusting. As for the uneven coat of color on the lid, I guess that is common? It just looks as if another coat of blue should have been applied in that area. Kind of like when you are spray painting something and don't apply enough layers. I am not bothered about it enough to take it back to the store. It is just for a pot that expensive, I think it should be perfect. If I had ordered it from an outlet store at outlet prices, I would not have given it a second thought.

        I can't wait to cook something in it.:o)

        1. re: dixiegal

          I have it on a few first quality pieces and actually like it. It's not considered a second. I like the lettering to be distinct and don't care for lids that are over sprayed and the lettering is all blurred out. A lot of them are over sprayed and I don't find that attractive. The lettering and rings are the only decorative elements there. Yes, those do have more enamel, but the top of the lid doesn't get any real wear and I would rather have it look nicer. My first choice is to have the exact right amount of enamel where the lettering is covered and very distinct, but I also like the lettering a little blackish.

          No two of these are exactly the same and the only way you can get one that's 100% perfect is to go to the factory and pick one out of their lineup, or have the store open box after box, and they might throw you out long before then...LOL!

          1. re: blondelle

            LOL, That is exactly what I pictured myself doing if I took that back to the store. Actually the lettering isn't even near all black, just some black spots on them. As long as the enamel is applied well, I am ok with it.

            It's so pretty, I just want to look at it and not use it. But use it, I will.

            1. re: dixiegal

              I think this problem is more prevalent in certain colors than others. Have the same issue with first quality carribean and white LC from Bloomingdales. Have the same problem with Staub white. But my red LC is flawless.

    2. I sold LC for a few years. Part of the beauty of it is supposed to be the fact that each one is slightly different. But in the years there, and with the pieces I have that have been used and abused, they still are in great shape.