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Jan 25, 2011 10:22 PM

My High School Culinary Society went to...

Saturday, 12 kids and a few adults went to Cafe Sanamluang on Hollywood at Kingsley. Most of the kids had not tried Thai food. There are those who say Sanamluang isn't the greatest Thai restaurant in town.
Yep. That's true.
However, it's cheap, it's easy to find, they have a big table outside and they don't care if you bring a bunch of teenagers for lunch. As to the food and the kids' reaction to it?
The four curries were very popular- most of the kids had never tried duck. The rendang was particularly popular. We ordered a lot of rice and the kids kind of went overboard with it. The tom kha kai soup was almost as popular. What really surprised me was how much they liked really spicy stuff. Fried chilis and mint leaves? They almost licked the plate.
After that, we went to Scoops. That blew their minds. Peach-sriracha sorbet...chai tea ice cream. They went nuts.
All in all, a successful day: kids with limited culinary variety in their lives got to try new things, I got to have pad kee mao and it was only thirty bucks out of my own pocket.
Next on our list? Greek if they plan it. If I plan it, we're getting dim sum.

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  1. It makes me happy to read this! I know you've taken the kids out on other chow trips--and regardless of where you take them (chowish or not), it makes me *so* happy that you're introducing them to new foods, opening their minds and grooming them to be future CHs! Please keep us posted on your other culinary adventures.

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      I agree! Wish someone had done that for me when I was younger. I would not have had to wait so long! Props to you! Keep it up!!

    2. Well done, Mr (Miss?) Flowerofhighrank. You're doing good work there.

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      1. re: Professor Salt

        I wish there was a culinary society when I went to high school. Scoops will probably make these kids Chowhounds for life. Did they get "carded" for the beer ice creams?

        1. re: J.L.

          Ha! The first time I took the club (4 years ago?), Mr. Kim warned me to keep the tiny freshmen girls away from the rum-added flavors, because he hadn't 'boiled off the alcohol'. They tried to sneak away and eat it as fast as they could. It is hilarious watching someone get an ice cream headache when they were hoping to get tipsy (for the record, I think he was joking).

      2. Good for you for expanding their horizons and giving them wonderful experiences that they will carry with them throughout their lives. What a great idea. I may have to talk to my kids' school to see if I can start something like this for them.

        1. Good for you! I luckily had parents who took me to restaurants of various cusines when I was young. Other kids aren't so lucky. Where are you maybe we can give you tips on cheap restaurants for Greek (though even Daphanes is a step in the right direction) and dim sum (Full House Seafood has in Arcadia, a to go dim sum in the Food Court)

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          1. re: SeaCook

            I'm in the SGV, near Montebello. I DID ask for recs in an earlier post. I also asked if anyone knew of a restaurant owner willing to give us a discount in exchange for helping to build a new generation of Hounds. Someone accused me of trolling for free food...sheesh.
            Yes, in answer to your offer, yes, I'd love some recommendations. For Greek, we are looking at Papa Christo's and for dim sum we usually do well at Ocean Star. The Cheese Store of Silver Lake gave us a great intro-to-cheese class a few years ago, but they have stopped returning my calls.

            1. re: flowerofhighrank

              Oh yeah I remember now. For cheese I think I recommended Nicole's Gourmet Foods in South Pas. She has free cheese tastings Thursdays during the Farmers Market and Saturdays as well. Have your kids had a Farmers Market experiance yet?

              Nicole's Gourmet Foods
              921 Meridian Ave, South Pasadena, CA 91030

          2. I never get the curries there, but I like the noodles. My main complaint is that there is no place to park.

            That's very cool about having a High School Culinary Society. I grew up in Orange County and they people that went to my school had no sense of adventure. I would go out and discover the great hole in the wall taco stands and Vietnamese restaurants. Most of their ideas of culinary adventure was the Claim Jumper.

            Dim Sum would be good. Or a good Pho joint.