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Jan 25, 2011 09:51 PM

Reviews of La Scalas Restaurant on Walnut Street in Philadelphia?

I'm leaning toward this restaurant close to the Walnut Street Theater for a small gathering, but don't live in Philly. If you could recommend it, please let me know.

La Scala
117 N Gaston Ave, Somerville, NJ 08876

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  1. Only went once with a few friends and found the food very average Italian-American fare, and service beyond slow and inefficient. Like the kind of bad service that killed any desire on my part to return, even if the food had been better.

    Our group (with reservation) was also seated at a table right near the front doorway which was INCREDIBLY drafty and uncomfortable - I ended up wearing my winter coat through the meal it was that cold.

    1. I agree it's not particularly interesting or innovative Italian food. But...for a group, near the Walnut Street Theater, I don't think it's a terrible choice. It depends what you are looking for/expect. I have only eaten there at lunch, and have actually always enjoyed the meal. Also, the service at lunch has been brisk and efficient. (I have always gone with a group.) Perhaps the dinner meal would be more disappointing, though, I don't know. The prices aren't cheap. But there are not a lot of great choices close to the Walnut Street Theater for a group. (There is another thread on this topic currently - take a look.)