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Gather, Berkeley report w/ pics

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I went to try Gather in Downtown Berkeley on Mon 1/24/11. It's really close to Downtown Berkeley Bart - just walk South on Shattuck, up to Allston, then at the corner turn Right. It's across from Saturn's Cafe.

I made reservations on OpenTable - No points given for this place.

Got Still tap water in a carafe. Ask for Sparkling!! - the table that sat next to us asked & got it!

Menu is small. We got to share:

Sheep's Milk Ricotta Pizza - $17. It's a medium size pizza with 8 slices. It has nettles, potato, leeks, rosemary. I liked it, but my half I picked had burnt crust.

Barbecued Young Chicken $19 - flageolet beans, sausage, greens, turnip, almond-tomato pesto (gluten free). I liked they cut up the chicken for us to share, it was juicy chicken - I was surprised. I liked all the other stuff too.

$17 + $19 = $36 + $3.51 tax = $39.51 before tip & tax. Credit cards taken.

Separate bathrooms on the Far Right past the curtains - Women's had 2 stalls & trough sinks, very powerful dryer.

I'd recommend it for a nice dinner in Downtown Berkeley.

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  1. I ate lunch there recently and was very impressed. I split a farm egg and bacon pizza with my husband which was tasty but a dumb order as I had fixed bacon aand eggs for breakfast that morning. The pulled pork sandwich was wonderfull. As was the Beesting cocktail. I would gather my freinds and go for dinner if I lived nearby.