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Jan 25, 2011 07:58 PM

Salad sauerkraut in Toronto

I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get salad sauerkraut in Toronto.

The type I am looking for is freshly made (not canned or bottled), usually sold from a plastic bucket, and slightly sweet. This type is not meant for stewing or eating heated in any way, but specifically meant to be eaten cold as a side dish.

The ones I have eaten have been from/in Latvia, but I thought maybe some other Eastern European cultures might be selling it in Toronto in some out-of-the-way deli.

Any ideas?

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    1. re: toveggiegirl

      They sell it from a plastic bucket at Bena's on Roncesvalles. its not that strong. It's a Polish store mainly but I will ask around. My grandmother is Balkan and makes the kind you are talking about too sometimes.

      1. re: albanis

        Thanks, I really am looking for the sweeter variety.

        1. re: albanis

          Got some from Bena's, and it is delicious fresh sauerkraut, but it is not the salad variety I am looking for. It's not sweet enough.
          Thanks though!

        2. re: toveggiegirl

          Checked out the article, thanks, will see if I can find some there.

        3. Starsky?

          2040 Dundas St E, Mississauga, ON L4X, CA

          1. Where are you? There are many Eastern European markets around that sell it - Yummy Market has it...in Scarborough, Kmicic has it...any of the Polish delis on Roncy should also have it.

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            1. re: Wahooty

              I am a hop, skip and jump from Roncevalles. I know a great place two blocks away for stewing sauerkraut, but I haven't found the sweeter one yet.
              Any suggestions, specifically for the sweeter salad variety?

              1. re: ilinda

                Walked all of Roncesvalles and went into every grocery and deli including Bena's. Found really nice stewing saurkraut in some places and delcious-looking coleslaw in others, but not sweet salad saurkraut.

            2. Jolly Market @ Marlee av. sometimes has it. I personally think it is overpriced there. Anyway I make it on my own.

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                  Went to Jolly today, and they had salad made with sauerkraut, peppers,onions, et.c, Looked good but wasn't the saurkraut I was looking for that is to be eaten as a salad, which is fresh, uncooked and doesn't have anything else in it other than cabbage and sometimes carrot.

                2. Sorry this isn't much use to you now, but for later, and others reading this thread who travel north, I wanted to mention an amazing scratch made sauerkraut. It's available at a little jem of a BBQ restaurant north of Toronto called Mad Michaels (near Midland). Semi sweet, pickle-y, tangy, unique spice blend I can't make out, and very good. It is served with their sandwiches and they also sell it in 250mL and 500mL jars to go. Only open in the summer months.

                  Definitely the best salad sauerkraut I've ever had (I need to say this quietly since my in-laws are Polish).

                  Mad Michael's
                  8215 93 Hwy, Wyebridge, ON L0K1E0, CA

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                    Thanks! Not too late. Still looking. Will have to check it out!