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Jan 25, 2011 07:18 PM

Albivi Italian Restaurant Milestone NJ

I heard a few good things was wondering if anyone on CH has been there also?


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  1. I have been there a few times. At first, I loved the place. Then the visits after that were just bad in my opinion. I felt that all the dishes were over-salted. Including the marinara sauce. The pizza is pretty decent.

    If that was fixed, we would go right back. The restaurant is very nice inside decor wise, and the pricing is great, but I just can't take the salt.

    If you go, let us know how it was!

    1. Tapas, we have been many times as the place is very close to where we live. Salads are some of the best you will find anywhere, the calamari and Asian pear salads are especially good.
      Pizza is also very good, the Margherita and chicken parm are our favorites. Our favorite used to be the seafood pizza which was not even on the menu but when we ordered it this weekend we were told they no longer offer it (:

      Several of the pasta and entrees were recently changed and updated, have not had them recently but they looked good at neighboring tables.
      In the recent changes, one nice option is that you can now make a reservation as they have opened up another section of the restaurant.

      Give us a report if you go.

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        Thanks everyone for the reviews......I'll check it out in my business journeys for sure I'm always in search of good Italian fare .....
        maybe I'll couple it with a visit to Pom Pom bbq on Rt 33 also for takeout ;)

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          1. Food is good. Not great. $$$ for good food.