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Jan 25, 2011 06:53 PM

ISO Diet Black Cherry Soda, LES preferably

Will be staying in Manhattan at a friend's apartment on LES and would like to bring home (I have a stationwagon!) lots of diet black cherry soda which is unobtainable in Canada. Any recs for finding same at a reasonable price? Will also be in midtown, and having wheels, am open to suggestions in Brooklyn or UES too. Thanks!

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  1. I suggest you walk into any convenient supermarket near where you will be staying....or when you leave town, go to any <shoprite.com> store. I purchase Dr Brown's 2 Litre size, in both Diet Black Cherry and Cream for $1.19 each. Pathmark sells an America's Choice brand, 2 Litre also, for .89 cents here in New Jersey. It might be slightly higher in New York, due to the fact of the bottle deposit requirement.

    1. I wanted to chime in and say that Dr Browns Diet Black Cherry soda is some of the best tasting diet soda around. It's probably best for you to buy the 2L bottles because I've found that the soda in cans gets a really off taste when they've been sitting around for a while. You'll want to shop at a store that has high turnover for just this reason. Call College Point to see if they have any advice ... http://www.yelp.com/biz/pepsi-cola-bo...

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        FYI......Diet soda made with Aspartame has a recommended shelf life of 45 days.

      2. Dr. Brown's, of course. Fairway for turnover; any large, busy supermarket.

        1. id also recommend boylan's brand (though it comes in glass bottles so transport may be more tricky). as a non-east coast native im a little less devoted to Dr browns than some, and it wont be cheaper (especially if your comparing it to two liter sizing) but its a really good drink and worth a try while youre here.