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I have a miraculous two days off on February 4th and 5th (Friday and Saturday).

I work in the restaurant industry and have my own ideas on what to do and places to go but I'd love to hear about what else might be out there that I might be missing. We'd want to do a crawl so small/share plates at various places would be best and we'd like to end up at Marben (Wellington/Spadina area) as we had such a great time there the last time we went a few months back.

We'd never go back to Scarpetta (were there for about 4 minutes once, which was about 3 and a half minutes too long).

As for price, we never like to break the bank but we do and can spend money.

Does anyone have any ideas?

488 Wellington Street West, Toronto, ON M5V 1E5, CA

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  1. I adore Origin for some good (and some miss) sharing plates and excellent atmosphere

    How about Starfish or Rodney's for oyster sharing?

    1. Cava and Torito's

      276 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T2L9, CA

      1560 Yonge St., Toronto, ON M4T 2S9, CA

      1. Hm, you could start at Black Hoof or Hoof Cafe, then go down to Buca and Marben. Or, Harlem Underground is also easily walkable from Marben and the side dishes and appetizers are good. And I think that Beast 120 (happy hour) is available on Fridays, so that would be a great option for small plates (although even on the regular dinner menu, you have a good selection of appetizers to choose from). Another easy route would be Beast - Rodneys - Marben.

        1. What about heading to Beast for the small plate specials on Wed-Friday from 5-7? I haven't been but have been very curious...

          1. is this crawl only by foot or can it involve the ttc?

            keeping to the surrounding area of marben...

            frank ago - corned beef tongue or corn arancini with shrimp and pouding chomeur aux pommes (i have no qualms with sweet preceeding savoury)
            khao san road - garlic shrimp (opening next week)
            goodnight - tea at goodnight cocktail (best thing i've had there, not so fond of their manhattans or negroni's though)
            buca - the sides/salad section or select pizzas (much prefer the bar side by the charcuterie room)
            lee - singapore slaw! (don't have it often but it is a great TO classic)

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                there are some goodies there that get taken for granted... hate to rave on my own post but now i'm tempted to get the pudding chomeur (edit: from frank) on my way home tonight.

            1. As follow up to my post, here's what we did:

              We decided on the Dundas and Ossington area as we haven't spent much of any time there, except for a dinner at the Hoof a while back.

              We started at Brockton General. What appears to be a former dive bar from the outside (and from the inside a bit too!), was a dream. Although TorLife says it has 30 seats, I think it's less. A really small menu - really REALLY small menu. We only had 2 dishes and a 1/2 litre of a Lailey Gamay Zeigelt. The 2 dishes were a pork terrine and a really nice rutabaga 'on toast', with a puree and roasted rutabaga. There were 2 servers on and I'm really glad we got the one that we did as the other server seemed to have no idea what she was talking about, couldn't answer any of her Guests' questions and seem to entirely disorganized.

              We went from there to Salt Wine Bar. Less of a Wine Bar (don't you need to have more wines by the glass than 4-5 to be considered a wine bar??) and more from of a tapas bar, this place is the complete opposite of Brockton - where Brockton was rustic, cozy, Salt is trendy, sleek, cool. But the food at both places is on par with each other.

              We ended up doing 6 dishes at Salt - Salt Cod quenelles, spanish Jambon croquettes, grilled calamari, wagu beef crudo (the winner of all dishes that night!), a short rib sandwich, and the feature foie gras dish. My wife loved the Salty Chinuahua martini while I stuck with wine, a couple of Spanish and Portuguese reds. Service was good too, better than I expected.

              From there, we went to the Painted Lady for a drink and then down to a place called Watsui, for a few more cocktails and a pulled pork 'dip' - great, tasty pulled pork and house-made wontons.

              Brockton General
              1321 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1Y1, CA