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Jan 25, 2011 06:23 PM

Town in Pennsylvania Famous for Blocks of Pizza Joints?

I remember watching some show awhile ago (either on the Travel Channel or Food Network) that featured a small town in Pennsylvania that had at least two or three city blocks that were lined with nothing but pizza joints. Does that ring a bell? Any info would be appreciated.

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  1. That would be Old Forge Pa, south of Scranton.

    1. Definitely Old Forge - where pizza is a "tray" not a pie and it is served three ways: red, white or fresh (which has fresh tomato slices and cloves and cloves of crushed garlic). The family favorite is Revello's for Red and Arcaro and Genell's for White. My personal favorite is Colarusso's which has several locations in Northeast PA but none in Old Forge. We still travel an hour a couple times each year to get "Old Forge" pizza

      Revello's Cafe
      502 S Main St, Old Forge, PA 18518