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Naples--Rossopomodoro and Sophia's??

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I'm visiting Naples next month and would love to get some feedback on Rossopomodoro and Sophia's. I searched the archives and most of the RP reviews are a year old.

Any feedback would be great, but I'm especially interested in the pasta dishes at both restaurants.


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  1. we have tried rosso once so far...it was ok..

    as far as italian my wife and i like pazzo (also on 5th ave) and arturos on marco island..

    havent tried sophias yet

    1. took family to Rosso and the consensus was overpriced for ok food--and the kids didn't care for the very thin pizza.
      i found Sophia's one night while i was working late and ordered what i thought was a simple veal parm dinner to go. that is considered one of their specialties and its made with a veal chop. $35 later i'm at home eating a very pricey but delicious dinner. keep meaning to go back.