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Jan 25, 2011 04:07 PM

Bloomingdale's 1/29/2011 sale preview

Le creuset ovens in all colors
4.5qt = $140
2.75qt = $100
7qt = $200

The color KIWI is closing out. Will be priced from $31 to $188 (originally $125 to $470)
I'm guessing the 10.25" square grill pan to be $31, and 9.5qt oval oven to be $188.
So you have an idea what's all in between.

Some other closeout from All-clad, calphalon, LC and more, nothing specific mentioned, could be pretty interesting.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Is there going to be any sale on the 5.5 round? & Is this in store only? Or will it be online as well?

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    1. re: mrscox

      I believe it's both in store and online, but they don't have as many stuff online as they do in store.

      There is no mention of 5.5 rounds in the printout. Although if you can find one in kiwi, then it will probably be on sale.

      LIke blondelle suggested, you can call them up and ask.

    2. A lot of the stores have already sold out of Kiwi before the circular was printed. The NY Lexington avenue store said they already sold their stock of LC in Kiwi. I don't understand why it was discontinued as the Fennel is a whole other green. I love the Kiwi color. Maybe they just want one green in the line.

      There's no 5.5 round oven on sale then. Not sure if it's online too. There's an 800# on their site you can call and ask.

      1. Thaks Cutiepie. I heard 6.75 Wide round is going to be $180 at my local store. Also saw the one called 3.5 qt "French Bistro pan" of LC for $189, which is only in Red and Blue. Very shallow, shallower than the Wide round, almost similar to the buffet casserole but straight side and with flat lid. I have never seen them before at any other places includng LC outlet or WS.

        1. Just post it for someone looking online. 5.5qt round LC - $199. 4.5 qt - $169, 3.5 qt - $159 etc etc

          The price online is higher than the store. 4.5 qt is $20 higher! Also wide round more than $200 on line but in store I heard $189. 7qt loval looks same price.

          Obviously No KIWI onliine.
          Midnight blue is cheaper than other colors... maybe in store too. Not many people were impressed by the color :)

          Shipping will be charged for less than $300 purchase without using a Bloomie card.

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          1. re: hobbybaker

            Hobbybaker, I just came back from Bloomingdales and the prices online are the prices posted on the sale placards in the store I went to (Oakbrook, IL).

            I got the preview email this morning and I specifically went to the store looking for the Midnight Blue as it was the least costly of the 4.5 quart size, plus it had the stainless knob. Even though the sale placard had the price listed as $169 for this size, I mentioned the lower price online and she would honor it, but it rang up with the online price of $134.

            This store only had two pieces of Kiwi, a 7 quart oval for $179 and a 5 quart wide oval for $149.
            Kiwi is such a beautiful color, I hate to see it discontinued. I seriously considered getting the oval wide, but decided to pass. Hope I don't wind up kicking myself.

            1. re: Molly James

              Thank you for your info. When I was there last week at my localy store in NJ, I heard the same prices as cuetiepie posted so I thought there was a difference between onlien and in store. but the pricing maybe different from one store to another. Double check really pays off :)

              I think the midnight blue color was cute my self but many did n't think so at this borad before :)

              I don't thnk you will kicking yourself on the 5qt oval.. Again oval and wide is kind of non-general purpose piece to myself. If you already have a round and want to add something else, or have some specific use in your mind, it could be but I myself so far don't consider this unless price is really really sweet to resist.

              1. re: hobbybaker

                I absolutely agree about the double check and it never, ever hurts to ask for the lower price if there is one.

                Until your post, I honestly didn't know that Bloomingdale's would leave sale prices up to the individual store's.discretion. Target does this with their clearance merchandise and while I can go a several different targets, sadly, my choice with Bloomie's is limited. There are only two in my area that I know of. The one in Oakbrook is a dedicated home store, while the other is a regular store with a very limited home/kitchen section. I wounder if the other store might have the lower price due to their space limitations?

                At any rate, I was prepared to spend $140 for the 4.5 quart and got it for a little less, so in that regard, I can't complain too much. Midnight would not have been my first choice, as I really wanted Caribbean, but standing in the store, I couldn't justify spending the additional money. If I only knew then what I know now, I would have asked if they'd price match to your store!

                1. re: Molly James

                  Molly, calling up and asking doesn't hurt. Congrate on your 4.5qt :) My 6.75 qt oval is in Slate/Grey for $100 bought several years ago. I looked for the oval but color was not my choice... but I couldn't resist the price and gave up the color originaly thought which was $80 or more costly :) I think midnight blue is more my taste than slate although there are people who really miss the color. Midnight blue brights up the dark winter to me at least :)

                  1. re: hobbybaker

                    $100 for your pot was a great find! I've never seen the Slate, but I assume it's similar to Staub Graphite? I have a smallish oval Graphite and I like the color very much.

                    I called the other store in the area and the prices are the same. I hope others chime in on what their pricing experience was as I'm really curious about the whole thing.

                    1. re: Molly James

                      Molly, I actually stopped by at the store today just to see what is going on. To my surprise, the 4.5qt was the same price $169 as online, not $140 mentioned by cutie or $139,99 which I heard last week.

                      Also, the 6.75 wide round was more than $200 which is significantly higher than what I heard last week - $180. I was so dissapointed by this!

                      My slate is not like graphite - more earthy, but not the color blightens up the cold winter like thie year. Just too much snow!

                      1. re: hobbybaker

                        I wonder what's going to happen if I march into the store with the printout in my hand. 0:-)

                        Edit: Now that I look closer, 4.5qt=$140 and 7qt=$200 only applies to oval shape, 2.75qt=$100 to round.

                        1. re: cutipie721

                          OK, so they are confused with oval and round... too bad. but I still don't understand for the 6.75 wide round. When I was there, they had a registry day, maybe the price was only for the venue but they might have been confused ?

                          1. re: cutipie721

                            Cutiepie, first thanks for posting the headsup on the sale!

                            I wasn't looking for an oval this time, so I never even noticed the price difference between round/oval.

                            I just checked the online price of the ovals and they match what you posted. It stinks that there would be such a price difference between shapes. Although, I guess if you're looking for the oval, you'd be a very happy camper.

                            1. re: Molly James

                              Molly, but didn't your 4.5 round ring up $134 -- is that just bc of the color?

                              1. re: iyc_nyc

                                Midnight blue is cheaper on line (at least was cheaper as of yesterday) than other colors and she got a price matched in store - double check paid off.

                                1. re: iyc_nyc

                                  It did ring up at the online price of $134 (no price adjustment necessary - it came up with the online price) and yes, the Midnight Blue is discounted more than the other colors of the same size.

                                  Are you considering the LC 4.5 oval instead of the Staub? The $139 price is a good one, IMO.

                            2. re: hobbybaker

                              I"m sorry, Hobbybaker. I know how it is to have your hopes up only to become disappointed.

                              I have the 6.75 wide oval that I picked up at TJMaxx several months ago for about $149. I have to say that I love that pot more than anything and use it several times a week. Perhaps you have a local TJM you can stop in to see if they have it? The one I got is red and looks like the only flaws are over spray of the enamel on one place on the rim and on the lid under the screw.

                              Whether you pick one up at TJM or someplace else, I'm sure you'll find one in both the color and price of your dreams. :-)

                              1. re: Molly James

                                Thanks. Molly, I also have the 6.75 Wide round and enjoy its large bottom surface. I found it at my local LC outlet store for $139, when the Sonoma Green was closed out last summer ! This was really a good deal. Luckily, yesterday at my bloomies I found one KIWI in the same shape for $174 and picked if up for my sister, so I cannot complain. They had just two of them, so I snatched :) I saw three 3.5qt wide rounds for $109 but thought it is too small for her. I am now my eyes on the 2.5qt/2.75 qt staub for me.

                                1. re: hobbybaker

                                  I'm so glad it worked out and what a wonderful thing you did for your sister! As I said earlier, Kiwi is such a beautiful color, I'm sure she'll love it.

                                  Happy shopping for the Staub!

                                  PS - I'm glad you picked up that I meant the 6.75 wide round and not oval as I have in my post. Obviously an error, but I can't edit the post any more.

                            3. re: Molly James

                              Molly, how big is your Staub smallish oval and what do you use it for -- is it mostly for oven use or can you easily use it on stovetop? (Re: latter, I saw a 4.5Q oval Staub and it was beautiful, but I was concerned it would be hard to stir things etc. in the small oval given the tight 'corners'l, whereas I could see cooking a small chicken in the oven w it...?)

                              1. re: iyc_nyc

                                It's the 4.5 qt. I've mostly used it in the oven, but do use it to for small batches of soups/stews/chilli on the stove top.

                                I haven't had any problems stirring, or found any buildup or burnt goo at the ends - as a matter of fact, never even thought about it until your post.

                                I do use silicone utensils, which have a great deal of flexibility and therefore more forgiving and mannuverable in tight spaces.

                                If you have concerns,my suggestion is the next time you're in a store looking, grab a big silicone spoon and take it over the the Staub display model and see if you're happy with the fit and motion of stirring around the edges of the pot.