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Jan 25, 2011 04:02 PM

fish tacos?

Is the fish in fish tacos usually breaded & fried? Anyplace in the Columbia area you'd recommend? I'm new to the idea of fish tacos, I tried them in St. Martin, finally, and thought they were good so now
ready to try some more.

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  1. Either. Baja Fresh shops aren't all the same (just as all McDonalds aren't the same) but some of them make a decent fish taco. They offer grilled mahi mahi or breaded and fried mystery fish. I prefer the mahi. Neither is the best way I've ever had fish, but whether it's true or not, when I'm eating one I feel like I'm eating healthier than eating a two pound burrito.

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    1. re: MikeR

      The Columbia Baja Fresh does a decent if not spectacular fish taco. My favorite is at Captain Larry's on Fort Avenue in Baltimore. Some of the taco joints on Eastern Avenue also do good ones.

      And MikeR, if you think the burrito is bad for calories, stay away from the nachos. The steak nachos have a whopping 2120.

      Captain Larry's
      601 E Fort Ave, Baltimore, MD 21230

      1. re: JonParker

        Gooey cheese on a slab isn't my thing, but I usually take home any leftover chips. I used to go to the Falls Church Baja Fresh about once a week, but they've been getting a little sloppy lately. The one in the Pan Am center has been better lately, but I tend to drift that way on Mondays when Glory Days has $5 burgers.

        I got into California Tortilla's fish tacos for a while, but Baja Fresh is closer to what the places in California that specialize in fish tacos make. I don't think TECC does a fish taco, they're more a meat place. Anyone notice?

        1. re: MikeR

          AFAIK, TECC doesn't do fish. Jose is from Mexico, and I *think from southern mid-Mexico. Definitely not Baja nor Eastern shore Mexico.

          1. re: Dennis S

            TECC has probably the best tacos I know of south of the Potomac, but they don't do fish. The Baja Fresh at Clarendon used to do grilled Mahi tacos pretty well.
            Just tried the Mahi tacos at Rockbottom last night, kind of gooey grilled fish wrapped in a blah white corn tortilla, tasted like a flour tortilla to me. Beans and rice on the side filled me up but the tacos were only ok. The beers are pretty good though and they will fill a growler for you if it is from Rockbottom.
            Too bad Jose/TECC doesn't do fish tacos, if he did, they would probably be worth driving cross Arlington to try.

            1. re: Ziv

              Yes, but if Jose did fish tacos he'd be abandoning what he knows and where he comes from.

      1. re: novasupra

        I second Surfside. Everything is made from scratch and prepped daily. They just added a seared tuna taco to the menu. Surfside is on Wisconsin Ave. NW

      2. I think there are different styles of fish tacos. I make mine grilled but I've had them breaded, fried, and grilled just depends on where you go.

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        1. re: Elyssa

          Tks Elyssa. I prefer not to have breaded, fried fish on a taco so was hoping that some places had just grilled fish. I won't automatically rule fish tacos out when I see them on a menu, now, I'll ask how the fish is prepared. Appreciate it.

          1. re: ivysmom

            Baja fresh offers grilled mahi-mahi, they're cheap, and you can order just one so trying it isn't a big commitment. But like most fast food places, there are differences between shops. Hopefully your first one won't be a bad example of what a good one is like.

            1. re: MikeR

              The Columbia Baja fresh does fine grilled mahi mahi tacos. Not great, not terrible, but perfectly acceptable. I believe Frisco Grille also has grilled mahi mahi tacos on the menu, but I've never had theirs. That might be a good option, although it looks like they are served there in flour, not corn, tortillas.

              1. re: Jason1

                And didn't somebody (Steve?) say that District Taco also had fish tacos?

                1. re: Jason1

                  I always thought the food at Baja Fresh was better than at Frisco. Although Firso does serve alcohol.

                  1. re: JonParker

                    It's kind of a mix. I'd certainly take Baja's burritos over Frisco, but Frisco's chicken wings, steak sandwich, and , of course, beer, are all great.

          2. I don't know about any options in the Columbia area, but The Argonaut on H St NE in DC makes some really killer fish tacos.

            The Argonaut
            1430 Maryland Ave NE, Washington, DC 20002