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Jan 25, 2011 03:01 PM

Toungue - beef, lamb, pork?

For the carnivores extant what is your favorite tongue preparation and if you have any recipes - post it over in the appropriate CHOW section?

My preferences are

pickled tongue (Jewish deli style) with seeded rye & mustard

grilled FRESH beef tongue at a Japanese grill on E. 52nd? St in NYC

PS. My beagles love it also......

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  1. Pickled Beef Tongue
    Fresh Veal Tongue in Raisin Sauce
    Fresh Veal Tongue braised with slivered horseradish in the center of the pan, served with root vegetables
    Spit Roasted lamb's tongue with rosemary and olive oil basting liquid

    Never seen or tried pig's tongue

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      I get pork tongue at a large Asian grocery, about half the price of beef. I may have seen lamb tongues at an Indian grocery, but didn't buy them. While I initial bought pork because of the price difference, I prefer it now. The last time I bought a beef tongue it seemed much fattier.

      With either, I cook it till tender in lightly seasoned liquid, and then use the meat in various ways later. Beef, in particular, goes well with a piquant sauce. That last I tried included pomegranate.

    2. I've only tried beef tongue so far & I cooked in slow cooker with garlic & onions then peeled & shredded for beef tongue tacos. Delicious! I have not found any other animal tongues where I live (rural area)

      1. Braised beef tongue with sweet soy sauce (lengua estofado)
        Beef tongue tacos
        Crispy fried lamb's tongue
        Braised beef tongue with mushroom gravy
        Duck tongues with Szechuan peppercorns

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        1. re: JungMann

          Beat me to it. Duck tongue!
          And yes beef tongue served yakiniku style!
          And yes beef tongue served deli style!