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Jan 25, 2011 02:50 PM

Potato chips fried in LARD!

A few years ago I purchased a bag of chips which were fried in lard.

I think they were Gibbles out of Pennsylvania.

Does anyone have confirmation = and = where can I get them in Connectut?

They were awesome!

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  1. Utz's Grandma chips are fried in lard, and available in the Boston area. Call around in CT.

    1. Oh, Lord, Mrs. Gibbles. We have family in the area and used to go to her restaurant quite often. The fried chicken is among the best.

      I think Utz is probably your best bet.

      1. I envy you. Lard chips have never made an appearance in my neck o' the woods. We're stuck with either Lays or outrageously expensive kettle-cooked chips (one sack, 90% air, 10% chips, 5 bucks).

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            Yeah, thanks, but it would be nice to be able to just snag 'em in the grocery store.

          1. Utz chips are readily available in every grocery store where I live (VA)...even in the 7-11s. Gibbles are not, unfortunately. I've been totally addicted to Nibble with Gibbles red-hot chips for over 20 years, and when they disappeared off our local shelves, years ago, I had to resort to ordering them from the company. My sis and I both have the addiction, so we shared the cases. :-) There is now ONE place locally, that sells Gibbles now, and it's not terribly convenient, but at least it's within 30 min of my house, so when I am out that way, I'll stop in and pick up a few bags. I do believe you can order direct though, still.