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Jan 25, 2011 02:21 PM

How much olive oil should one cook with on a weekly basis?

My father complains that I am using too much of it.

We have a 25 fluid ounce bottle of olive oil, that I got done using 1/4th of after a week of cooking.

Is my father right?

Is olive oil supposed to be cooked with and used up this fast?

a chef told me that olive oil should be one of the things REGULARLY used in a cooking household.

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  1. What are you using it for?

    We go through at least two 34 oz containers a month and I have better cholesteral than most anyone I know.

    1. As long as it's being used correctly (not smoking or used in place of neutral flavors) I think it's fine. Heck, even if it was for one person I'd say that's a fine amount to use.

      1. "Should"? Guess that depends on your tastes, your diet, your pocketbook, etc.!

        But approximately 6 oz/week doesn't sound like so much to me if you're cooking dinner most nights and using olive oil as your main oil. It's about 2 Tablespoons a night. Unless you're on a strict diet, that seems pretty moderate. If it's just for sauteeing etc., though, you can use cheaper stuff. The good stuff you could save for salad dressing and other applications where you eat the oil without heating.

        Also, why is your father complaining? Does he dislike the taste, is it too expensive, does he think it's unhealthy? Or something else?

        1. We buy it by the 3L containers so we use it a lot but also have great cholesterol numbers, fortunately. We do use it for lots other than cooking per se, such as marinating olives and feta, storing oven-roasted peppers and tomatoes and so on.

          1. Depends what you are using it for??

            What exactly is his complaint? You are using too much fat? Or you are wasting good oil?