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Jan 25, 2011 02:15 PM

21 cubic ft. freezer vs. 17 cu. ft freezer-- much of a size difference?

Hi am deciding between a 21 cu. ft freezer going for $479.00 on Craig's list versus. a 17 cu. ft. one that is going for $150.00

Obviously SIZE is of MUCH importance-- but my preferred budget is $300.00

Anyone familiar with freezers/refrigerators know if the size difference is worth the price difference-- or is it negligible?

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  1. I will tell you this. Food takes up whatever available space there is. When I remodeled my kitchen we replaced a normal refrigerator with a counter-depth one. On advice of a friend who had done the same, we moved our normal refrigerator to the basement. It seemed that we could not live without it given the amount of produce and milk we go through. I was always sending stuff down to the basement fridge. Until the basement fridge died. I could not bring myself to pay a couple hundred dollars to fix it, so we thought we'd see how we could do without it. Six months later, yes, I have to be careful, I have to rearrange things, but I am living with my very much smaller counter depth fridge. My feeling is that a big freezer, if you are not OCD, can just become a graveyard for stuff. so you're probably fine with the smaller one. and I say this as someone who has two extra freezers in addition to the dead refrigerator. I'm sure I could live with only one of them.

    1. achilles: If you buy or cook in bulk to freeze and store, 17-foot is really small. 3x3x2 is bigger! Visualize one big turkey and a few gallons of stock... Think about it.