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Jan 25, 2011 02:15 PM

Food fads around the world

I'm interested in hearing about food fads in countries around the world. Here in France the craze for verrines (serving dishes chopped up into little pieces layered in a glass) is thankfully slowing. Another big fad is savoury "cakes", like savoury quickbreads with bits of meat and cheese in them. And then there's macarons...

I read a lot about American food fads, gourmet food trucks, cake pops etc. But was wondering what fads exist in other countries. Anyone out there got some to tell me about?

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  1. What, nothing?
    Maybe other countries just aren't as faddy food-wise, as US and France.
    A Japanese one I've read about is Taiyaki. Has anyone tried these?

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      Well, here in the states there's a heavy move towards sustainable game: elk, bison, etcetera. I don't know if it's a fad per se, but I know a trend when I see one. And if trendy means faddish, there we have it.

      1. re: mamachef

        Thanks. Perhaps I meant trend rather than fad, you're right.
        There must be some trendy foods in other countries that aren't originally American like so many are (i.e. cupcakes). I'd love to know about them.

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            Flavored and specialty mayonnaises.

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          taiyaki is not a fad. Maybe cowboy bars?
          I'd be tempted to say KFC Christmas cake, but that's also not a fad, just a uniquely japanese thing.

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            redbean taiyaki is excellent. great breakfast from J-town, SF, if you're ever there.

            1. To tell you food fads in Australia. A lot is to do with health. And healthy food promoted by celebrity people like model Miranda Kerr who promoted coconut milk. But then a lot of the time food is promoted that is food that is unique and exotic. no one in Australia wants to eat like their mother did or their grand mother. So if people can show off to their neighbours a new cuisine from Europe or vietnam. And then talk about the health benefits of the new food. But not necessarily healthy most of the dessert is French especially macarons are every where in Sydney and Melbourne. The only other fad is native Kangaroo meat. I have tried to cook it problem is just that little bit too much and it is ruined. It is very tricky to get right. Kangaroo can taste like venison. The European Deer but I am not hundred per cent. Because when I had European Deer in the restaurant in Paris the cheff was professional. Kangaroo is very much experimental. What to do with the Kangaroo in the kitchen will take some time. But the Sydney casino restaurant is preparing Kangaroo as well as Rabbit. Oh and the European bird pheasant I think. Or it may be a smaller bird but I do not know european birds. How these birds are brought to australia and who keeps them?

              1. I live part of the year in southern Germany and it seems like every summer, we have THE aperitif--several years ago, the Aperol spritzer made its way up from Italy. it is like liquid sunshine--Aperol mixed with Prosecco and a bit of sparkling water with a sprig of mint and an orange slice. This past summer the Hugo was high on the charts--that is elderflower syrup mixed with Sekt or Prosecco. Between the two drinks, it is hard to make a choice--as they would say in Germany, both aperitifs are 'lekker' (delicious).

                Perhaps twenty years ago, Bavaria had a brief fling with the Berliner Weiss. that is a sour wheat beer from Berlin mixed with sweet woodruff or raspberry syrup. This produces either a pink or green drink, and is served in a huge brandy-snifter-like glass. I haven't seen Berliner Weiss served in Bavaria for years, although you can find the proper beer an dsweet woodruff syrup in big grocery stores where vacationing Berliners can retreat if our local beers don't suit them.

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                1. re: Maedl

                  I remember folks ordering Berliner Weiss 40 years ago in the area around Frankfurt.

                  1. re: shoo bee doo

                    It would be interesting to know if it is still popular around Frankfurt. I wouldn't be too surprised if you could still find it here and there in that region. but Berliners and Bavarians mix like water and oil and a real Bavarian probably wouldn't want to be caught with a Berliner Weiss.

                    1. re: Maedl

                      I had a Berliner Weisse in July, 2012 in Frankfurt.

                2. How about the Doner Kabob in Germany and Austria? I know it's been around at least 10 years. Maybe that wouldn't be considered a fad.

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                    Döner kebab has been popular since the 1970s, maybe even earlier--I think it is there to stay. that arrived with the Turkish workers and quickly worked its way into German food!