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Jan 25, 2011 02:05 PM

Torta Ahogada

I read about this on the Los Angeles Board Digest and I want to try one:

"A torta ahogada is a classic dish of Guadalajara, "part tradition, part rite of passage," explains losangelicioustimes. "The hefty sandwich involves a thick sourdough-ish roll called a birote salado, which is filled with stewed pork and a thin layer of beans, topped with pickled onions, then literally drenched in red sauce. The last detail is the most important, as the sauce is a careful composite of two other sauces: one mild tomato and the other a searing chile de arbol salsa, which is reminiscent of Tapatio on steroids." The customers themselves decide the ratio of the sauce. Most go for "mita y mita"—a lip-tingling blend of both sauces. The masochistic may opt for all ultraspicy sauce."

I called Los Jaliscienses (Guadalajara is in Jalisco state) and I was really hoping they would have it on the menu, they have good tortas and a wide variety of meat options, too. But alas, no. They don't have the torta ahogada.

Does anyone know of any place in Austin that has this torta ahogada on the menu?

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  1. That sounds sooooo good! I haven't seen that on any menus I can think of, but Screaming Goat has flautas ahogada and tortas on their menu. Maybe you could order a torta there and get them to drown it for you?

    Otherwise, when I think tortas, I either think Habanero Mexican Cafe or Chuy Panaderia. Neither of those have an Ahogada version on their menu. But, maybe if you described it to them, they could do it.

    Habanero Mexican Cafe
    501 W Oltorf St, Austin, TX 78704

    Screaming Goat
    900 W 10th St, Austin, TX 78703

    1. What about Chuy's Panaderia? I may have my states mixed up....

      1. Thanks for the recs. I did some digging on Yelp and found that a place called Zandunga Mexican Bistro has a torta ahogada. It seems to be made with a red and green bandera mexicana saucing method, not the tomato sauce plus chile de arbol sauce described in the LA Digest post. But I'll check it out when I get a chance.

        1. I am bumping this up...does any place have this besides Zandungas? I had a torta ahogada in Alexandria, VA...I had been seeking one since the time I posted this thread. I am not in Austin right now but I just have to tell my Austin family members where to find one because it was possibly the most delicious sandwich I have ever eaten in my whole life. Crispy crusted birote salado drenched in that diabolically spicy sauce was just amazing.

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            Well, you've got me hungry. I guess Zandungas didn't float your boat?

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              No I didn't try the one at Zandungas because it is pretty far from my family home. But Austin is filled with jalisciense owned eateries so I can't imagine that Zandungas is the only place to have it. Plus, Zandungas seems kind of fancy and expensive, their online menu says the torta ahogada costs 10$ but at most of the torta places in my neighborhood (N. Lamar/Rundberg/Braker area) the tortas are like 3$. I was just checking if there were other options.

          2. As a carnitas freak this sounds like a brilliant sandwich. La Condessa has an "Ahogada De Carnitas" version that comes swimming in a guajillo broth. Sadly I haven't yet eaten it.

            I found a blogger's review about it here, I'm pretty excited to try it. Can anyone here give a review of this grub?