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Jan 25, 2011 02:03 PM

Looks Like Big Smoke Oakville has closed!

moving vans there 2 nights in a row and stuff going out the doors!

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  1. Never been but it was on my list. I'm a huge fan of BBQ, but aren't there too many BBQ joints in the GTA area ?

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      1. re: PoppiYYZ

        I went. Was nothing to write home about.

      2. went by today -- they actually have a fairly new sign up outside too! it's closed..

        They had THE BEST poutine i've ever had -- with pulled pork. Beef brisket was very good too. Had a bad cut one time that was fatty, but overall meals were quite good. Still not up to Sweet Smoke standards.

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        1. re: mcnash

          Sweet Smoke is awesome, I haven't been in a long time now :( So far away from me

        2. Location probably had a lot to do with it...good traffic in the summer but the winter..probably not so much.

          1. "for lease" now posted outside and there is a sheet of paper stuck on the door

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            1. re: Omeghan

              Just phoned...THIS PLACE IS STILL OPEN! Going for the 1st time, hope it is good.